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Tommi c3811ec689 Migration to Eleventy almost complete 4 weeks ago
Tommi ea68e427e9 starting transition to Eleventy 4 weeks ago
Tommi f860fca110 fix nav 4 months ago
Tommi 27e0f7ac89 French localization integration 6 months ago
Tommi 27b172e0cf
French l10n by @le-jun 6 months ago
Tommi 1d716fb150
Syntax fixes 6 months ago
Tommi 298dbfc5f8
Syntax fixes 6 months ago
Tommi fdcc355f3b
Fix syntax 6 months ago
Tommi 3856fb21ab
Added redirects 6 months ago
Tommi fa74b66901
Fix syntax 6 months ago
Tommi 1653a3e372
Fix syntax 6 months ago
Tommi eaed6684c2
Fixed syntax 6 months ago
LeJun 0020713858
French localization 6 months ago
Tommi 741c1401bc
Merge pull request #14 from RaviKrishnappa/patch-1 6 months ago
Ravi Krishnappa d254c06668
Update Solutions.md 6 months ago
Tommi 49bc1d4802 testing new analytics service 6 months ago
Tommi d0000a81a5 removed PrivacyPride and fix Ruby bugs 7 months ago
Tommi bb9d31afe6 fixed Humane Tech badge 7 months ago
Tommi 9b52415cb6 added PrivacyPride 8 months ago
Tommi b1df12c986 added new article 8 months ago
Tommi 6547e891be changed to CC by-sa license 8 months ago
Tommi 240c46bd0d minor links update 10 months ago
Tommi deaa2c5b7a minor updates and fixes 10 months ago
Tommi 4d8a2ecc00 minor updates and fixes 10 months ago
Tommi 03c6668658 some fixes 12 months ago
Tommi d57054086b
Merge pull request #12 from wi24rd/patch-1 12 months ago
王滋涵 Zephyr Wang e3c66b7eb8
fix typo 12 months ago
Tommi 978ef57cae
Merge pull request #11 from xplosionmind/dependabot/bundler/addressable-2.8.0 12 months ago
dependabot[bot] 7ce66f3a90
Bump addressable from 2.7.0 to 2.8.0 12 months ago
Tommi bdc173c372 improved cursor display 1 year ago
Tommi 48e6599ebb added green team flag for 512kb.club 1 year ago
Tommi 1351201790
Merge pull request #9 from obiwanketobi/patch-1 1 year ago
obiwanketobi c8a756945a
Update Perché.md 1 year ago
Tommi 96555f6ce7 variable fonts implementation 1 year ago
Tommi 571ad32d3f added Surveillance Capitalism Bandcamp iframe 1 year ago
Tommi 190cfca034 minor Gemfile fixes 1 year ago
Tommi 2e0ab4e8c6 update 1 year ago
Tommi f8c10144c8 updated plugins and dependencies 1 year ago
Tommi 58e409d265 updated analytics 1 year ago
Tommi aed0e570bb font update 1 year ago
Tommi f37d6eead9 update 1 year ago
Tommi 1aec4c5ee6 People 1 year ago
Tommi 999f7f9097 fix 1 year ago
Tommi 563ecdc4ee fix 1 year ago
Tommi 29a2d734eb update 1 year ago
Tommi 11fdef6d29 added “Press” page both in it and eng 1 year ago
Tommi 730dc3023d Merge branch 'main' of https://github.com/xplosionmind/quit-social-media 1 year ago
Tommi 8f28984799 little updates 1 year ago
Tommi a7138a7257
Merge pull request #8 from Gior26/patch-1 1 year ago
Tommi 5b1917ad4a finally fixed ogg image, hoping for good. 1 year ago