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  Tommi 96555f6ce7 variable fonts implementation 2 weeks ago
  Tommi 571ad32d3f added Surveillance Capitalism Bandcamp iframe 4 weeks ago
  Tommi 190cfca034 minor Gemfile fixes 1 month ago
  Tommi 2e0ab4e8c6 update 1 month ago
  Tommi f8c10144c8 updated plugins and dependencies 1 month ago
  Tommi 58e409d265 updated analytics 1 month ago
  Tommi aed0e570bb font update 1 month ago
  Tommi f37d6eead9 update 1 month ago
  Tommi 1aec4c5ee6 People 1 month ago
  Tommi 999f7f9097 fix 1 month ago
  Tommi 563ecdc4ee fix 1 month ago
  Tommi 29a2d734eb update 1 month ago
  Tommi 11fdef6d29 added “Press” page both in it and eng 1 month ago
  Tommi 730dc3023d Merge branch 'main' of https://github.com/xplosionmind/quit-social-media 1 month ago
  Tommi 8f28984799 little updates 1 month ago
  Tommi a7138a7257
Merge pull request #8 from Gior26/patch-1 1 month ago
  Tommi 5b1917ad4a finally fixed ogg image, hoping for good. 1 month ago
  Gior26 c4faf2a26f
Update Veloce.md 1 month ago
  Tommi 5ba619c6e3 Fixed ogg:image twice 1 month ago
  Tommi e551faa019 Fixed ogg:image 1 month ago
  Tommi 87f7e717c8 remove assets.tommi.space dependencies 1 month ago
  Tommi 5cc191e655 Fixed assets - we can live without Quit Social 1 month ago
  Tommi dcba33912f Added Plausible Analytics 1 month ago
  Tommi b1600094a7 removed serif fonts 2 months ago
  Tommi 2edef1b861 striped out all algolia stuff 2 months ago
  Tommi 0a0454d82a updates + share on Mastodon button 2 months ago
  Tommi 8763e5636a Merge branch 'main' of https://github.com/xplosionmind/quit-social-media 2 months ago
  Tommi 43b309a536 fix typos 2 months ago
  Tommi da15fbabed
Merge pull request #5 from catreedle/patch-2 2 months ago
  Tommi 8799af0da5
Merge pull request #6 from catreedle/patch-3 2 months ago
  catreedle 83dc824de6
Fix Why.md typos 2 months ago
  catreedle 949e2fd3a2
fix typo 2 months ago
  Tommi ed2a29c18a fixes 3 months ago
  Tommi 4e46ec11cf fix typos 3 months ago
  Tommi 681a1c1233 update 3 months ago
  Tommi bc68b94e9a update 3 months ago
  Tommi 2db7c9e06c removed search 3 months ago
  Tommi 6bc444ac00 added podcast and last fixes 3 months ago
  Tommi 25b86fa735 fixed script end tag 3 months ago
  Tommi cbeb59b09a fix 3 months ago
  Tommi 3c9b09187b fixed search 3 months ago
  Tommi b9811ccd0e update 3 months ago
  Tommi 2f7e94c3d1 fix typos 3 months ago
  Tommi 8c457c257c trying to get a preview 3 months ago
  Tommi 4a4497879a almost finished 3 months ago
  Tommi 970fbc3d1e mum correction 3 months ago
  Tommi 891504f859 fixed heading issues 3 months ago
  Tommi 172f8597bc formatting fixes and improved compression 3 months ago
  Tommi 9a24cdc2ea corretto italiano 3 months ago
  Tommi 070c432f48 starting to share 3 months ago