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Fix #741
10 hours ago
.github Try to bump build system 4 weeks ago
.yarn Add simple image viewer pan decay 3 months ago
android Bump packages 4 weeks ago
assets Try out notification sound 1 year ago
demo Updates 5 months ago
fastlane Fix #741 10 hours ago
ios Bump packages 3 weeks ago
src Fix #741 10 hours ago
.envrc.example Using new sentry project thanks for sponsoring 1 year ago
.gitignore Build passed 4 months ago
.nvmrc Build passed 4 months ago
.yarnrc.yml Upgrade to yarn 3 6 months ago
Gemfile Add cocoapods into gemfile 2 years ago
Gemfile.lock Bump 3 months ago
LICENSE Correct app details 2 years ago Add Greek translation 2 months ago
app.config.ts Fix ts warnings 4 months ago
babel.config.js 619 restructure local storage (#628) 5 months ago
crowdin.yml Update Crowdin configuration file 3 months ago
index.js Fix #558 #602 5 months ago
metro.config.js Try building again 9 months ago
package.json Fix #741 10 hours ago
react-native.config.js Some clean up 4 months ago
tsconfig.json Fix ts warnings 4 months ago
yarn.lock Bump fast-xml-parser from 4.2.2 to 4.2.4 (#742) 11 hours ago

tooot app for Mastodon compatible platforms

GPL-3.0 GitHub issues GitHub release (latest by date including pre-releases) Crowdin

GitHub Workflow Status (candidate) GitHub Workflow Status (release)

Contribute to translation

Please do not create a pull request to update translation. tooot's translation is managed through and Crowdin struggles to properly sync two ways. If there is a minor update and you do not want to register an account on Crowdin, please open an issue.

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