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xmflsct 7faa4b5044 Added Catalan 8 hours ago
xmflsct 277d114b27 Added Dutch 8 hours ago
xmflsct 7096c0e2cb Merge branch 'main' of https://github.com/tooot-app/app 8 hours ago
xmflsct b3441d6edb
New Crowdin updates (#488) 8 hours ago
xmflsct 52ece9a2eb Bump up packages 8 hours ago
xmflsct be30ec3e3c Fix Android crashing 8 hours ago
xmflsct 9f76fa08a8 Fix Android browser package 9 hours ago
xmflsct d8bff02136 Fix logging logic 9 hours ago
xmflsct dab09369cb Add trending tags in search landing page 9 hours ago
xmflsct 8a7e78485d Add hashtag sparkline 10 hours ago
xmflsct 7421ffd1bc Fix toot relative time does not align with app's language 11 hours ago
xmflsct 0fd3fcfd3f Add logging for #472 11 hours ago
xmflsct 507ecf5eeb Fix history page 12 hours ago
xmflsct 20a55efb9c Fixed #476 12 hours ago
xmflsct 6a9f951dba Move screen options into each screen 16 hours ago
xmflsct ddfd3a830d
Merge pull request #500 from tooot-app/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/decode-uri-component-0.2.2 17 hours ago
xmflsct 29fd36a581 Fixed #495 17 hours ago
dependabot[bot] 267fa2194d
Bump decode-uri-component from 0.2.0 to 0.2.2 1 day ago
xmflsct a3a0bf523f Moving to using zeego 1 day ago
xmflsct f619d1bb6a Partial fix #495 2 days ago
xmflsct 0cc1cdd4b6 Partial fix #495 3 days ago
xmflsct bb3ddd2779 Partial fix #495 3 days ago
xmflsct de7498b218 Fixed #497 4 days ago
xmflsct 75800598c2 Fix #489 4 days ago
xmflsct eda77fd7fc Bump packages 4 days ago
xmflsct b80c84f181
Merge pull request #493 from de1acr0ix/fix-undefined-in-dm 5 days ago
xmflsct d5c65af44c
Merge pull request #491 from de1acr0ix/audio-in-silent-mode-ios 5 days ago
Hanjiang Yu c60de7a5a1 Fix the "undefined" string in DM 6 days ago
Hanjiang Yu 0e9ef0ec40 Play audio in silent mode on iOS 1 week ago
xmflsct bd750da9d5 Update useConnect.ts 1 week ago
xmflsct 6c17123fe3 Try if can find out why badge is not cleared 1 week ago
xmflsct a9d40079cc
New Crowdin updates (#479) 2 weeks ago
xmflsct a0c440be5e Should fix #484 2 weeks ago
xmflsct 9b40a605b4 Fixed #481 2 weeks ago
xmflsct a631966952 Now it should finally fix #451 2 weeks ago
xmflsct 39bda959e3 Bump up packages 2 weeks ago
xmflsct 8a8b95180b Could not figure out how to build apk properly now 2 weeks ago
xmflsct c07522f68b
New Crowdin updates (#474) 2 weeks ago
xmflsct 51165e47ea Fix Android sharing 2 weeks ago
xmflsct bfd9e8d50c Update Default.tsx 2 weeks ago
xmflsct 4f329d7724 Update audio.ts 2 weeks ago
xmflsct e8b3187f9e Try stopping video playback if audio issue could be fiexed 2 weeks ago
xmflsct 668a1dc6a6 Added Swedish translation 2 weeks ago
xmflsct c6bdc08d0f
New Crowdin updates (#468) 2 weeks ago
xmflsct 18e7262f6f Fixed #471 2 weeks ago
xmflsct fbfae52627 Try fix #451 2 weeks ago
xmflsct bf8826fec4 Fixed #469 2 weeks ago
xmflsct f1e424e919 Update Podfile.lock 2 weeks ago
xmflsct 6939010ffd
New Crowdin updates (#465) 2 weeks ago
xmflsct ce0adeeb66 Try Android fix 2 weeks ago