Cliet Mastodon per mobile con un'interfaccia estremamente pulita
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tooot app for Mastodon

GPL-3.0 GitHub issues GitHub release (latest by date including pre-releases) Crowdin

GitHub Workflow Status (candidate) GitHub Workflow Status (release)

Contribute to translation

Please do not create a pull request to update translation. tooot's translation is managed through and Crowdin struggles to properly sync two ways. If there is a minor update and you do not want to register an account on Crowdin, please open an issue.

Special thanks

@amrtf for Catalan and Spanish translation

@forenta for German translation

@pat for French translation

@andrigamerita for Italian translation

@Hikaru and @la_la for Japanese translation

@hellojaccc for Korean translation

@jan-vandenberg for Dutch translation

@luizpicolo for Brazilian Portuguese

@janlindblom for Swedish for Vietnamese translation

@jimmyorz for Traditional Chinese translation for the famous Mastodon boop sound