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Un bellissimo client per il protocollo Gemini

Updated 2 days ago

µbgpsuite - The Micro BGP Suite

Updated 6 days ago

Portable low-level filesystem and OS interface for Lua.

Updated 3 months ago

CADO: Capability DO (like a sudo providing users with just the capabilities they need)

Updated 4 months ago

Jehanne Operating System

Updated 1 year ago

A minimal plan9port fork designed just to cross-build Jehanne

Updated 1 year ago

MirBSD Korn Shell for Jehanne

Updated 1 year ago

Red Hat's newlib C library with support for Jehanne

Updated 1 year ago

Connect to Plan 9 CPU servers from other operating systems.

Updated 1 year ago

Netcat 1.10 (community-edition) - for use with u9fs during Jehanne's development

Updated 1 year ago

Serve 9P from Unix. A fork/clone of dedicated to Jehanne development.

Updated 1 year ago

Firefox morgue cache files de-compressor

Updated 2 years ago