Clementine è un lettore musicale multipiattaforma con un'interfaccia veloce e facile da usare per ricercare e riprodurre la propria raccolta musicale locale o online e ascoltare radio via internet o i podcast su funkwhale.
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Clementine all

Clementine is a modern music player and library organizer for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Opening an issue

Ask for a new feature


  • Check if the new feature is not already implemented (Changelog)
  • Check if another person didn't already open an issue
  • If there is already an opened issue there is no need to comment "+1", it won't help. Instead, you can subscribe to the issue to be notified of anything new about it

Report a bug


  • Try the latest build ( to see if any bug is still present. If it works fine even though you see an open issue, please comment on it and explain that the issue has been fixed.
  • Check if another person has already opened the same issue to avoid duplicates
  • If there already is an open issue you could comment on it to add detail about the problem or confirm it
  • In case there isn't, you can open a new issue with an explicit title and as much information as possible (OS, Clementine version, how to reproduce the problem...)
  • Please use for logs/debug.

If there are no answers, it doesn't mean we don't care about your feature request/bug. It just means we can't reproduce the bug or haven't had time to implement it :o)

Compiling from source

Get the code (if you haven't already):

git clone && cd Clementine

Compile and install:

cd bin
cmake ..
make -j8
sudo make install

See the Wiki for more instructions and a list of dependencies: