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Version 1.3:
Major features:
* support
* Seafile support (server >= 4.4.1)
* Add Ampache compatibility (through Subsonic service)
* Add new analyzer "Rainbow Dash"
* Answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything
* Add "Psychedelic Colour" mode to all analyzers
Other features:
* Add left click to fullsize cover on playing widget.
* Add m4b support for non-drm files.
* Ignore English articles for library sorting.
* Improve the organize dialog.
* Add an option to warn before closing a playlist tab.
* Add an option to disable the pause notification.
* Add options to hide some internet services.
* Add an option to disable inline song metadata editing.
* Add "details below" and "no details" now playing widget options.
* Add "no song details" now playing widget option.
* Add icons to the extras menu.
* Add a source icon for CD tracks.
* Allow user to remove directories in the Files tab.
* Add ability to remove unavailable items from playlist.
* Add a button to the transcode dialog to add all files in a directory.
* Make it impossible to collapse either side of the MainWindow splitter.
* Add menu items for updating and doing a full rescan of Google Drive.
* Increase Soundcloud cover image size.
* Add the ability to pause Spotify tracks.
* Add the ability to add or remove a Spotify track to a Spotify playlist
through context menu.
* Add Spotify tracks to Spotify playlists by drag and drop.
* Add ability to get a link to share Spotify playlists and songs.
* Improve handling of Spotify Top Tracks and compilations.
* Add playlist actions to Spotify songs.
* Add ability to automatically set podcast as listened after successfully
sending it to a device.
* Add ability to order podcasts by age.
* Allow user to download multiple podcasts at the same time.
* Add ability to cancel podcast downloads in progress.
* Allow user to hide listened podcast episodes.
* Huge improvement of the speed at startup.
* Improve performance of mass rating changes.
* Improve ripping performance.
* Persistent cache for pixmaps. Huge improvement of the performance when
scrolling the library for example.
* Add AppData file for Clementine (for GNOME and KDE Software Centers).
* Add iPod-like behaviour to previous button.
* Add HipHop and Kuduro equalizers.
* Remember current playlist between restarts.
* IDv3 tag lyrics support.
* Scroll to last played track when switching playlists.
* Add stop after each song repeat mode.
* Sort discs numerically when using Group by disc.
* Add ability for sort by group and performer in the library view.
* Parse the year of a disc from musicbrainz.
* Add track intro mode.
* Add ability to add a search term with tab and space in the smart playlist
* Add love/ban ( global shortcuts.
* Add support for "original year" tags.
* Send album artist to with liblastfm >= 1.0.0.
* Add sample rate selection.
* Add option to change the time step when seeking using the keyboard.
* Playlist sort by album considers disc and track numbers.
* Add options for double clicking song in the playlist.
* Volume slider handles glow effect using system theme.
* Library view sort line themable.
* Show track durations in the CD ripper dialog.
* Add ability to read REM DISC tag from Cue sheet.
* Add ability to lock/unlock rating edit status.
* Add the support of trackNum elements in XSPF.
* Add support for inhibiting the screensaver on windows.
* Add "Smart Playlists" for Subsonic.
* Add lyrics from AZLyrics.
* Add lyrics from
* Add lyrics from
* Add lyrics from
* Add lyrics from Musixmatch.
* Add lyrics from
* (Mac OS X) Use Alt+Tab to switch between playlist tabs.
* Fix crash when click on a SoundCloud entry in internet tab.
* Fix crash when marking podcast as listened.
* Fix crash after pressing OK in the device properties window.
* Fix stop after track which doesn't remove now playing.
* Fix play bleeding into next track after auto stop.
* Fix analyzer framerate when mouseover play scrubber.
* Fix issues with buffers sent to analyzer.
* Fix block analyzer framerate.
* Fix divide-by-zero possibility with small buffers at end of track.
* Fix divide-by-zero possibility in moodbar.
* Fix oversized album cover art.
* Clean cover art from /tmp.
* Fix the rendering of the little numbers in the boxes on queued items in
the playlist.
* Fix parsing of MusicBrainz data for discid.
* Fix random artifacting on nyanalyzer on startup.
* Fix podcasts length issues (which caused issues with seeking for example).
* Fix too small equalizer window size.
* Fix labels which don't inherit system text colors in the edit tag dialog.
* Fix the mess of the queue manager after playlist re-sort.
* Fix for queue ordering issue in the playlist view when using Ctrl+D to
dequeue a track.
* Fix detection of parent-relative paths in playlist saving.
* Fix path seperators issue when reading playlists.
* Fix m3u parser issue when an artist's name has a hyphen.
* Fix bug with percents when fetch the Jamendo catalogue.
* Fix a little dropout when transition to next track.
* Fix broken for premium users.
* Fix Subsonic login with + characters in the password.
* Fix accents issue in when save playlist in xspf format.
* Fix issues with some songs length thanks to Taglib. People with Taglib
installed on their system will have to wait a new release of Taglib.
* Fix moodbars not generating correctly.
* Fix socket leak in moodbar.
* Fix memory leak in tagreader.
* Fix crash when trying to fingerprint but missing a plugin.
* Fix infinite scan with Subsonic when the library is empty.
* Fix shortcut/media keys issues on Mac.
* Fix compilation issues on Yosemite.
* Fix performer tag for mpeg.
* Fix parsing issues with "innovative" datetime formats.
* Fix laggy interface on Mac.
* Fix playback breaks in Spotify.
* Fix memory leaks.
* Fix crash when stopping song that is fading after pausing.
* Fix crash when trying to download a track but there is no current one
* Fix default spinner gif image which shows white pixels around the image.
* Fix setting album artist tag for FLAC files if it already exists.
* Fix crash when Clementine lists the albums on Ampache.
* Fix scrobbling after seek.
* Fix metadata not processed properly for some streams (Akamai).
* Fix save state when the song was paused.
* Fix some issues in Boom and Turbine analyzers.
* Fix song continuously rewinding when seeking using keyboard arrow keys.
* Fix OSD re-posistioning which doesn't work on multiple monitors.
* Fix Sonogram state while paused.
* Fix crash when changing 'group by' while album covers are still loading.
* Fix loss of valid data from an mp3 file when using the metadata editor.
* Fix track slider twitching.
* Fix stations stuck when try to play them without internet.
* Make mood files hidden in NTFS.
* Fix time labels blinking when playing streams without known duration.
* Fix tag fetcher which applies incorrect tags for songs without any results.
* Fix Clementine getting stuck when transitioning from a local track to a
Spotify track with crossfade disabled.
* Fix previous track when playing a dynamic random mix.
* Fix fullscreen album covers for monitors in portrait mode.
* Don't scale down star icons by 1 pixel.
* (Mac OS X) Fix Soundcloud API Search which simply doesn't work
* (Windows) Fix context menu for the "now playing widget"
Removed features:
* Remove Ubuntu One support.
* Remove Discogs support.
* Remove GrooveShark support.
* Remove Radio GFM support.
Build system changes:
* Update to gstreamer 1.0.
* Don't compile vreen with link-time optimizations.
* Use the system's sha2 library if it's available.
* Remove libindicate-qt.
* Remove internal copy of libechonest and add it as dependency.
* Use libcrypto++ instead of QCA.
* Update TagLib to 1.10.0.
* (Windows) Uninstall a previous install of Clementine when installing a new
* (Windows) Remember the last installation path.
* (Windows) Add libgmp-10.dll which is required by libgiognutls.dll.
* (Mac OS X) Use a GTlsDatabase for gstreamer SSL.
* (Linux) Follow specifications for icons.
* (Linux) Add a 128x128 version of the Clementine icon.
* (Debian/Ubuntu) Remove internal copy of chromaprint and add it as
* (Debian/Ubuntu) Add libmygpo-qt-dev (=> 1.0.7).
* (Fedora) Don't depend on libplist or usbmuxd.
Version 1.2.3:
* Fix compilation with GCC 4.9.
* (Linux) Fix poor search performance with sqlite 3.8.
* (Ubuntu) Fix dependency issues on Ubuntu 14.04.
* (Windows) Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.1g to fix CVE-2014-0160.
Version 1.2.2:
Major features:
* (Android Remote) Add kittens support.
* Rename SkyDrive to OneDrive.
* Don't include the user's IP address in the log (from the network remote
settings dialog).
* (Debian) Fix a bug with HTTPS logins to all cloud storage providers.
* (Mac OS X) Fix a bug in the workaround for a weird font issue on 10.9.
* (Mac OS X) Fix rendering of source icons on retina displays.
* (Android Remote) Don't advertise songs that aren't available.
* (Android Remote) Fix playing songs with special characters in filenames.
Version 1.2.1:
* Fix library download in the network remote.
* Fix removing songs from playlist in the network remote.
* Fix login failures with
* (Mac OS X) Add a workaround for a weird font issue on 10.9.
* (Linux) Fix a typo that would prevent the Spotify downloader button from
ever being shown.
Version 1.2:
Major features:
* Add support for indexing and playing music from Box, Dropbox, Skydrive,
and Ubuntu One.
* Add support for Subsonic.
* Remote control support for Android.
* Add a Playlist tab to the sidebar. Starred playlists are saved in here
when their tabs are closed.
Other features:
* Add configurable blur & opacity to album art when used as a playlist
* Support Opus where available.
* Support .mka and .oga file extensions.
* Parsing support for WPL playlists.
* Sort providers by user preference.
* Add year and bitrate to MPRIS2 messages.
* Add "not equals" operator to fields in the smart playlist wizard.
* Add an option to write ratings, play count and scores to files.
* Add options to show the rating and score on the OSD.
* Add support for POPM tags.
* Add support for FMPS tags in Ogg, FLAC, MP4 and ASF files.
* Compile the bundled Taglib with ASF, MP4 and Opus support.
* Make it possible to cancel cover searches.
* Add an option to resume playback on startup.
* Add support for Performer and Grouping tags.
* Add Radio GFM.
* Add an Apply button to the settings dialog.
* Make it possible to mark all episodes of a podcast as new/listened.
* Add an option for fading in/out on pause/unpause.
* Add stereo balance slider to the equalizer.
* Add a --restart-or-previous commandline flag.
* Allow files to be transcoded directly from the playlist.
* Export downloaded album covers
Removed features:
* Removed iDevice support - it doesn't work well with modern devices and
libgpod isn't being updated to support them.
* (Windows) Removed support for WMDM devices. This was very fragile to
cross-compile and was buggy and untested.
* (Mac OS X) Removed support for 10.6. OS X 10.7 or later is now required.
* Fix gapless playback!
* Detect corrupt FLAC files when parsing tags.
* Load tags from local files asynchronously.
* Show more than 5 album results at a time from Spotify.
* Detect login failures correctly.
* Support x-audio/* mime types for podcasts.
* Locale-aware library sorting.
* Remove duplicate tracks from Spotify search results.
* Do not fetch Magnatune library until the service is expanded.
* Sort Magnatune library after refresh.
* Make the playlist parser recognise 2 character URL schemes.
* Read and write more metadata for MP4 tags.
* Translate Unity quicklist actions.
* Fix a memory leak when fingerprinting songs.
* Preserve user stats when opening the edit tag dialog.
* Fix neverending task when a Grooveshark session is invalid.
* Elide the fancy sidebar text on the right instead of the middle.
* Increase the maximum size of the moodbar cache.
* Use a new Amazon access key.
* Select the next tab when a playlist tab is closed.
* Fix radio playlists in non-English locales.
* Fix cursor following playback.
* Hide moodbar playlist column by default.
* Use native language names in the language selector where available.
* Only show a tooltip on sidebar tabs when needed.
* Never start playing a background stream (like Hypnotoad) on startup.
* Run the moodbar generation at a lower CPU and IO priority.
* Pressing space with the seekbar focused now toggles play/pause.
* Update tray icon progress immediately on track change.
* Don't replace song metadata with blank m3u EXTINF metadata.
* Fix a bug when fingerprinting files with non-ascii characters.
* Fix occasional freezing analyzers.
* Make wheel events on the analyzer change the volume.
* (Mac OS X and Windows) Highlight the actual file in Finder or Explorer
when using "Show file in browser".
* (Windows) Run Clementine with normal user privileges after installation.
* (Windows) Fix a "Error loading http://audio/mpegurl" error on first start.
* (Mac OS X) Don't probe stupid printers when scanning for music devices.
* (Mac OS X) Show a better error message when using an old version of OS X.
Build system changes:
* Add continous builds for Fedora Core 18, Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 13.04.
* (Linux) Use the system's version of libmygpo-qt if available.
* (Mac OS X and Windows) Upgrade to Qt 4.8.3.
* (Mac OS X) Sign release .dmgs.
Version 1.1.1:
* (Windows) Fix a crash that would always occur for some users.
* (Linux) Bundle Taglib 1.8 on older distros to enable Google Drive support
in Clementine.
Version 1.1:
Major features:
* Podcast support with integration with
* Add support for indexing and playing music from Google Drive.
* Add Soundcloud support.
* Add support.
* Moodbar support.
Other features:
* Show nearby concerts for an artist using the Songkick API.
* Support "My Music" in Grooveshark.
* Support logical operators in the playlist filter.
* Remove Spotify and Grooveshark search playlists in favour of the
internet tab.
* Support liblastfm1.
* Make the grouping of global search results configurable.
* Support top lists in Spotify (eg. top 100).
* Support drag and drop from the global search to the playlist.
* Support undo for playlist sorting and shuffling.
* Updated global search UI.
* Verify and backup database on startup.
* Support mono playback.
* Add an option to prefer the AlbumArtist tag over the Artist tag when
scrobbling to
* Add the ability to get a Grooveshark URL to share a songs and playlists.
* Support loading spotify URLs from the command line.
* Add "Very high" quality setting for visualisations.
* Support setting the current album cover or a custom image as the
playlist background.
* Add support for darklyrics as a lyrics source.
* Add %filename% as a custom OSD variable.
* Show .mka, .ape and .wv in file view.
* Load cover art from mp4 files.
* Copy text from all visible columns when copying a playlist row.
* Add "Edit file information" and "Show in file browser" actions to the
file view.
* Add Discogs as an album cover provider.
* Nyanalyzer cat now goes to sleep between songs.
* (Mac OS X) Support drag and dropping files and folders on the dock icon.
* (Mac OS X) Support notification center instead of Growl on Mountain
* (Mac OS X) Support fullscreen mode in Mountain Lion.
* (Mac OS X) Draw high resolution text when using a retina display.
* Use new authentication API for to fix logging in to those
* Move tag reading to a separate process to isolate taglib crashes.
* Fix hang on exit while library is being changed.
* Fix parsing of cue sheets longer than 99 minutes.
* Preserve the current song in the library view when filtering.
* Previous button actually goes to the previous track when repeat track
mode is enabled.
* Fix crashes when requesting MPRIS data during startup.
* Enable horizontal scrolling in the Transcode dialog so the user can see
the whole path.
* Stop showing the search box for Grooveshark and Spotify if the user is
not logged in.
* Fix neverending task in Grooveshark if the user is logged out.
* Fix 1px size change in the tool buttons in the main window.
* Dragging songs to the bottom of the playlist now adds them to the
* Improve startup time by moving DeviceManager initialisation off the main
* Fix crash when trying to seek with no song playing.
* Scale the missing cover image in the edit tag dialog correctly.
* Use the first visible column when dragging and dropping within the
* Fix a crash at startup when initialising the library before the grouping
settings have been loaded.
* Handle various artists correctly in global search.
* Add suggestions in global search.
* Follow HTTP redirects correctly.
* Find hidden album art.
* Support genre and date in cue sheets.
* Cache album art in the library model to prevent flicking when filtering.
* Locale-aware sorting of Grooveshark songs.
* Sort Grooveshark playlists by name.
* Work around a bug in Qt so the number of mouse wheel scroll lines is
* Fix transparency of visualisation overlay.
* Fix transparency of pretty OSD.
* Show thumbnails of album art in the tray icon tooltip instead of full
size images.
* Allow upper case headers in PLS files.
* Support libimobiledevice 1.1.2.
* Fix crash when drag and dropping from a separate Clementine instance.
* Sort SomaFM streams alphabetically.
* Fix crash when OpenGL is unavailable.
* Fix some resource leaks in the Grooveshark support.
* Update the year when completing tags automatically.
* Fix a crash when changing a song's rating.
* Fix a crash when searching for album covers.
* Load spotify URLs correctly from playlists.
* (Linux) Fix a crash on exit when Gnome accessibility is enabled.
* (Linux) Work around a hang on exit caused by certain NVidia drivers.
* (Linux) Support devices with no partition table.
* (Linux) Support "open with" in Ubuntu.
* (Linux) Fix a crash in PlayTrack MPRIS method.
* (Linux) Fix the types of some MPRIS fields.
* (Mac OS X) Fix HTTPS streams.
* (Mac OS X) Support keyboard shortcuts in native Mac search fields.
* (Mac OS X) Use Qocoa instead of custom hacks for native search widgets.
* (Mac OS X) Fix crash on exit.
* (Mac OS X) Avoid churn from frequent FSEvent stream updates.
* (Mac OS X) Hide empty help menu on Mac.
* (Mac OS X) Fix leaks in device handling code.
* (Windows) Remove the drop shadow in the OSD.
* (Windows) Do not show the OSD in the taskbar.
* (Windows) Fix a crash when clicking on the empty button in the thumbbar.
Build system changes:
* Add continous builds for Fedora Core 17 and Ubuntu 12.04.
* Show which dependencies are missing when trying to enable optional
* (Mac OS X and Windows) Upgrade to Qt 4.8.2.
Version 1.0.1:
* Use Chromaprinter and Acoustid instead of Echoprint and MusicDNS.
* Make it possible to play songs from connected iPod Touches again.
* (Windows) Fix an SSL issue that would sometimes result in an "Invalid
username or password" error when logging in to Grooveshark.
* (Mac OS X) Use FSEvent-based filesystem watcher to fix a number of crashes
due to running out of file handles when monitoring a large library.
Version 1.0:
Major features:
* Add Spotify support.
* Add Grooveshark support.
* Add Digitally Imported ( and radio stations.
* Add a global search feature:
- A single place to search for music and radio.
- Includes your library, radio streams, Spotify and Grooveshark.
* Add audio CD support.
* Add Amazon as an alternate provider for album cover art.
* Add Nyanalyzer Cat.
Other features:
* Add transcoder options.
* Display album art from FLAC tags if using a version of taglib that
supports it.
* Rename the existing "Shuffle by album" mode to "Shuffle tracks in this
album", and add a new "Shuffle albums" mode that plays all the tracks in
each album sequentially, but then jumps to a different random album
* Improve the organisation of the settings dialog.
* Add scroll bars to the settings dialog if it's too big to fit on the
* Improve the settings dialog pages for online services like to make
it easier to log in and log out.
* Add a warning about not being able to play radio if not a
* Group album cover search results by category.
* Allow the artist and album to be specified separately when searching for
album covers.
* Made album cover art searches more clever - they will select the "best"
image automatically rather than just choosing the first one.
* Show some statistics after searching for album cover art.
* Show the album cover dimensions on each image when searching for art.
* Support dragging and dropping images onto the cover in the edit tag
* Double clicking a playlist tab now lets you rename it.
* Add keyboard shortcuts to navigate between playlist tabs.
* When songs are added to the end of the playlist, scroll the playlist to
ensure the top one is visible.
* Make dynamic playlists use the limit specified in the smart playlists
* Add an "Expand" button to add more tracks to a dynamic playlist.
* Make it possible to use relative dates in smart playlist criteria.
* Add an option to remove the playlist background image.
* Add options to customise OSD messages that are shown on song changes.
* Add a button in the status bar to toggle scrobbling.
* Show a song's URL in the title playlist column if it doesn't have a title.
* Add a new logging system.
* Add file type filtering to the Files view.
* Add a --version command line option.
* Add a --toggle-pretty-osd command line option.
* Add support for custom lastfm:// URLs.
* Make the version number in the About dialog selectable.
* Elide the hint text in search boxes when it's too long.
* Show the artist and album name in the title of the "Show fullsize" window.
* Remember which tab was selected last time in the edit tag dialog.
* Cache lists of streams/friends fetched from,,, etc.
* Improve handling of album artist tags.
* (Mac OS X) Make the album cover search dialog modal so it acts like a
* Put a limit on the size of the playlist's undo stack and don't record
operations that affect more than 500 rows. Reduces memory usage when
adding or removing lots of items to the playlist.
* Buffer audio from all sources, not just http. Fixes audio stuttering when
playing from mounted network locations.
* When adding files to the playlist that aren't in the library, quickly add
playlist entries first and then load more metadata in the background.
* Scrobble radio streams even when the length is unknown.
* Re-enable the Love button after going to another song in a stream.
* Scrobble tracks properly if they're loved before the half-way point.
* Fix a bug that would sometimes cause the wrong songs to be scrobbled.
* Fix a bug where a song's play count would be updated continuously if
scrobbling was disabled.
* After deleting an item from a playlist move the selection to the next item
instead of the previous one.
* Translate dynamic playlist names properly at runtime.
* Fix a crash on startup if the album cover loader took too long to start.
* Show tooltips in the sidebar only in Tabs and Icons Only modes.
* Fix the byte order of album cover art images sent over dbus on big endian
* When songs disappear from the filesystem, mark them as unavailable instead
of completely removing them from the database.
* Read album artist tags from ogg/flac/mp4 files properly.
* Make the --pause command line option always pause, instead of behaving the
same as --play-pause.
* Fix a crash when clicking on the "Smart playlists" folder when the library
grouping is set to None/None/None.
* Keep the state of the rain and hypnotoad menu items in sync.
* Fix a bug where playlist columns would slowly change size the more times
you opened and closed Clementine.
* Save the state of the playlist columns' sort order.
* Assume Icecast-style stream metadata is in the "Artist - Title" format,
as this seems more common than "Title - Artist".
* Preserve high quality (>16-bit) audio streams.
* Stop the M3U parser from going into an infinite loop when parsing a file
with an invalid #EXTINF line.
* When renumbering tracks, number the first track 1 instead of -1.
* Fix a bug where notifications would be shown for the wrong song after
editing file tags.
* When organising files, make %albumartist behave like %artist if the
song has no albumartist tag set.
* Use locale-aware sorting for artists and albums in the album cover
* When stopping due to "Stop after this track", set the current song to the
one after, so when the user presses Play it plays the next song instead
of the last one again.
* Fix a bug that stopped Magnatune album downloads from working.
* Improve detection of playlist types when loading a playlist smaller than
512 bytes.
* Fix authentication on Qt 4.8.
* Save the playlist column alignment setting properly.
* Indicate which playlist column alignment is currently in use in the menu.
* Speed up adding entire folders to the playlist from disk.
* Load cover art for the library in a background thread. This makes opening
nodes with a large number of albums much faster.
* Make manual track changes ignore the "Repeat track" setting
* Use MP3 URLs for Jamendo instead of Ogg since they keep breaking the Ogg
* Fix a crash when asked over DBus or the commandline to play a track in the
playlist that doesn't exist.
* Fix a bug where moving songs down in the playlist could not be undone
* (Linux) Fix device detection using DeviceKit.
* (Linux) Recognise iPods correctly when using GIO.
* (Linux) Work around an NVIDIA driver bug that would cause Clementine to
use 100% CPU on exit.
* (Gnome 3) Register for media key notifications properly.
* (Gnome 3) Run the new gnome-control-center command to open the keyboard
shortcuts dialog.
* (Ubuntu) Add Clementine to the Unity system tray whitelist on startup.
* (Ubuntu) Don't use Unity's global menubar.
* (OpenBSD) Fix compilation errors in projectm.
* (Mac OS X) Fix free space and capacity information for MTP devices.
* (Mac OS X) Disable the popup delay settings when using Growl.
* (Mac OS X) Blacklist certain USB devices from MTP probing.
* (Mac OS X) Fix global shortcuts in Lion.
* (Mac OS X) Fix native search widgets in Qt 4.8.
* (Windows) Fix an occasional crash when connecting devices.
* (Windows) Fix a bug where filenames containing unicode characters could
not be transcoded.
* (Windows) Close transcoded files after writing them.
* (Windows and Mac OS X) Use a git build of taglib to fix a crash when
loading malformed ID3v2 tags.
Build system changes:
* Clementine has now moved from svn to git. Details are on Google Code:
* Clementine's translations have moved from Launchpad to Transifex:
* (Linux) Added packages for Fedora 15, Fedora 16 and Ubuntu Oneiric.
* (Mac OS X) Compile dependencies in a more controlled way.
* (Mac OS X) Create a prettier DMG package.
* (Windows) Add a cmake option to enable the debug console in release mode.
Version 0.7.1:
* Fix several compilation errors under GCC 4.6.0.
* Fix a regression that broke gapless playback between certain songs.
* Fix the behaviour of --seek-by and --seek-to commandline options.
* Fix a crash when the visualisation window was resized to 0x0 pixels.
* (Linux) Fix the behaviour of the InsertUrls DBUS method.
* (Mac OS X) Fix a crash on startup on machines without X11 installed.
* (Mac OS X) Fix a bug that would make Clementine try to update to an
earlier version.
Version 0.7:
Major features:
* Brand new "Edit track information" dialog. You can now edit more fields,
change multiple songs at once, change album cover art and view song
statistics. Added an option to identify songs and fill in their tags
automatically using information from MusicBrainz.
* Add support for .cue files. Songs in a cuesheet appear in the playlist
and your library as separate tracks.
* Add "Duplicates only" and "Untagged songs only" views to the library that
help you find and correct badly tagged music in your library.
* Add an option to show album covers in the library view. This is on by
default, but you can turn it off again in the Preferences dialog.
* Add an option to load cover art directly from a URL.
* Clementine now gracefully handles deleted files by skipping them on
playback attempt and greying them out in the playlist view.
* Add a "Full library rescan" option which should rescan your library much
more thoroughly than before (but will take longer).
* Add a "Show in file browser" option to the library and playlist menus.
* Add a fancy tooltip to the track seek slider, showing the position that
you're about to jump to and its distance from the current position.
* Add support for network proxies. Clementine will use your system's proxy
by default, but you can configure a different one in the Preferences
* The "Kittens" extra now fetches even fluffier kittens.
* Hypnotoad: now available in fullscreen HD.
Other features:
* Load embedded cover art from ogg files.
* Add a backspace shortcut to the files view.
* Pressing ESC will clear and focus the search box. Typing in the playlist
view will focus the search box and start searching.
* Pressing space in the playlist will play/pause the current track.
* Add global shortcuts for rating songs.
* Add global shortcuts for all of the repeat and shuffle modes.
* Middle-clicking a song now enqueues it into the playlist.
* Download higher resolution images from
* Add options to the now-playing widget's menu to change the album art.
* Dragging an image file onto the now-playing widget will now set that
image as the cover art for the album.
* You can now tell the library scanner which filenames it should prefer
when looking for album cover art.
* Add a configurable timeout when searching for song and artist info.
* Add tooltips to the album cover manager that show the artist and album
* Improve the options in the context menu for adding tracks to the playlist
from the library. Default behaviours are now configurable in the
Preferences dialog.
* You can now use "file path" when creating dynamic playlists.
* The search box in the album cover manager now searches in artist names
as well.
* Move the clear button inside search boxes.
* Make the pretty OSD snap to the center of the screen when dragging.
* Add a text alignment setting to playlist columns.
* The scroll wheel now scrolls through images in the artist info view.
* You can now drag songs onto empty space in the playlist tab bar to add
the songs to a new playlist.
* Fade out the currently playing song when exiting Clementine.
* Centre on the last played song when restoring a playlist.
* Add a menu item to change analyzers' framerate.
* Add an option to hide dividers in the library view.
* Ability to use either a "time left" timer or a "total time" timer for songs.
* (Windows) Add support for automatic updates. The second time you start
Clementine you are asked whether you want to check for updates
automatically. You can check manually at any time in the Tools menu.
* (Windows 7) Add playback buttons to the Windows 7 taskbar icon.
* Fix several issues loading files with non-ascii characters in their
* Fix several crashes when loading malformed tags from MP3 files.
* Fix a crash when clicking the "cancel" button on a dynamic playlist while
the preview is still being loaded.
* Fix a crash when skipping quickly through tracks while the Artist Info
tab was open.
* Fix a crash on exit if you have the Magnatune list open.
* Fix a crash when closing a playlist that has songs still loading.
* Fix a crash when removing the first, active playlist.
* Fix a race condition on startup that might lead to two instances of
Clementine being started.
* Fix a display bug in the "Last played" column for songs that haven't been
played in the last week.
* Improve the sorting of untagged songs loaded from directories.
* Fix a build failure on ARM.
* Do library initialisation in the background - fixing a GUI freeze when
loading large collections.
* Fix a bug where columns would sometimes not appear in the playlist.
* Fix some graphical bugs when resizing the sidebar when it is blurred.
* Hide the score and comment columns by default, increase the size of the
* Fix a database error when searching for " characters in the library.
* Fix an issue when trying to sign in to with a username containing
special characters.
* Fix the "date" and "rating" smart playlist comparisons.
* Update statistics properly when playing songs shorter than 30 seconds.
* Don't re-read tags from files when loading a playlist if those songs are
already in the library.
* Make it possible to disable all lyric providers.
* Make it possible to delete the active playlist.
* Add a workaround for broken XML entities in ASX playlists.
* Sort playlist tabs properly when closing and re-opening Clementine.
* (Windows) Fix MP3 transcoding.
* (Windows) Better error handling when parts of the Windows Media Device
Manager SDK aren't installed (like on Windows Server).
* (Windows) Fix a crash on startup when a device was connected that gave
Clementine an invalid icon.
* (Linux) Various MPRIS2 fixes.
* (Mac OS X) Increase the maximum file descriptor limit so larger
collections can still be monitored for changes.
Build system changes:
* Remove the old xine, VLC and Phonon backends. These weren't maintained
any more and didn't have as many features as the GStreamer backend.
* Make optional.
* Clementine now builds correctly with Clang.
* Don't run tests for features if those features are disabled.
* (Linux) Make DBUS optional.
* (Windows) Upgrade to Qt 4.7.1.
* (Mac OS X) Switch the HTTP gstreamer plugin to soup instead of neon.
Version 0.6:
* Added a Song Info tab that contains:
- Lyrics fetched from 17 different websites
- Statistics, play counts and tags from
- Wiki from
* Added an Artist Info tab that contains:
- Photos
- Biographies from Wikipedia,, Amazon and more
- Similar artists
* Added smart playlists and dynamic playlists.
* Add ratings, play counts and skip counts to the library, and remember
when a song was last played.
* Add a directory of Icecast radio stations to the Internet tab.
* Add Jamendo support to the Internet tab.
* Redesigned the sidebar so it looks better with the new "Song info" and
"Artist info" tabs. The old style can be used again by right clicking
on the sidebar.
* Add support for "custom" radio stations - see:
* Inhibit the Gnome, KDE and OS X screensavers when watching visualisations.
* Add an option to configure the gstreamer buffer size.
* Add a Mute option to the menus and the panel icon.
* Add a tooltip to the panel icon showing the currently playing track.
* Change the window title to the name of the currently playing track.
* Add a comment column to the playlist.
* Add volume controls for Rain and Hypnotoad.
* Allow editing tags from the library pane.
* Add a "Delete from disk" item in the playlist menu.
* Single clicking an item in the library view now expands it.
* Kittens!
* (Linux) Add MPRIS2 support, see
* (Ubuntu) Add monochrome panel icons.
* (Ubuntu) Show Clementine in the Gnome sound menu.
* Replace loved tracks with mix radio, see:
* Don't block the GUI when starting a background stream.
* Don't block the GUI when searching or sorting a large library.
* Fix a large number of bugs in the MPRIS API.
* Use CBR instead of VBR when encoding MP3 files to copy to devices.
* Fixed parsing of DOS line endings in M3U files.
* Fix inline editing of multiple tracks in the playlist.
* Fix a bug where pressing F2 would sometimes edit the wrong field.
* Ignore duplicate items from playlists when opening directories.
* Ignore bad metadata in a file if good metadata has already been loaded.
* Don't show CD drives in the devices tab.
* Don't stop the track prematurely if it's the last one in the playlist
and fadeout is disabled.
* Write URLs in XSPF playlists properly when saving to a folder inside
the library.
* Fix some usability issues with the "Show in various artists" feature.
* Prevent the last playlist column from being hidden.
* Don't download the entire Magnatune catalogue each time Clementine is run.
* (Windows Vista) Fix a memory leak when using visualisations.
* (KDE) Fix a bug with session management on KDE.
* (Ubuntu) Fix compilation with the Gold linker which is used on Natty.
* (Mac OS X) Store user files in Library/Application Support/
Version 0.5.3:
* Fix a crash that would occur when the library scanner encountered a
song with invalid metadata.
* Show the patch version in the version string.
* Work around a broken version of liblastfm.
* (Linux) Add some missing metadata to the MPRIS interface.
* (Mac) Fix mass-storage devices.
Version 0.5.2:
* (Windows) Fix a serious handle leak.
* (Fedora) Fix gstreamer dependency problem in the 32-bit package.
Version 0.5.1:
* (Fedora) Fix sqlite dependency problem on startup.
Version 0.5:
* Add support for iPods, MTP music players and USB mass storage disks.
You can now copy songs on to and manage files on your portable devices.
Music will get transcoded automatically if the device you're copying to
doesn't support the file type.
* Add a queue manager. You can now add songs to a queue to have them
played before anything else in the playlist.
* Add an Organise Files dialog that lets you copy files into your library
or rename them to follow your naming convention.
* Add support for Wii Remotes - you can now use your Wii Remote as a remote
control for Clementine!
* The columns in the playlist will now stretch to fit the whole window size.
* Load embedded album art from id3v2 tags.
* Load local files from the library instead if they exist, meaning existing
album art will be used.
* Support drag and drop between playlists.
* Add options to disable library scanning.
* Add an option to group the library by file type.
* Add an option to change the GUI language.
* Add an option to disable the current track glow effect.
* Add a global shortcut to show/hide the OSD.
* Show progress information for individual tracks when transcoding.
* (Linux) Add an svg icon.
* (Mac) Show now playing information in the dock menu.
* (Windows Vista and Windows 7) Add Clementine to the Default Programs menu.
* (Windows Vista and Windows 7) Blur the background of the OSD.
* Fix a memory leak when playing ogg streams.
* Reduce the constant CPU usage when playing music.
* Greatly reduce CPU usage when using the equalizer.
* Greatly reduce startup time.
* Move lots of disk IO to the background, making the GUI more responsive.
* Display an error dialog instead of crashing if no projectM visualisations
were found.
* Fix a crash when the "" tree item was expanded.
* Fix a bug that would create empty "Unknown" categories in the Library.
* Fix a black visualisations window when using a non-English locale.
* Fix a crash when closing the visualisation window with the ESC key.
* Detect symbolic links in the music library properly.
* Pick gstreamer codecs automatically when transcoding, insteading of using
a hardcoded list.
* Sort items in the library that don't have a track number set properly.
* Sort library items with UTF-8 characters properly.
* Use the file extension as well as the mime-type when figuring out how to
load a remote playlist.
* Handle "Artist - Title" icycast metadata properly.
* Filtering the playlist now focuses the currently playing song.
* Filtering the playlist is now case-insensitive.
* Load the "albumartist" tag from flac and ogg metadata.
* Ignore garbage iTunNORM comment fields in ID3v2 tags.
* Be sure to always enable the OK button in the settings dialog properly.
* Fix a bug that would prevent covers from loading in the cover manager.
* (Linux) Make the commandline interface work even when not running an X
* (Mac) Reduce the default font size to fit in with other OS X applications.
* (Mac) Use smooth scrolling in the playlist view.
* (Mac) Correctly load M3U files created by iTunes.
* (Windows) Seed the random number generator properly so the same tracks
don't get played over and over when using shuffle.
* (Windows) Use \ instead of / in several places in the GUI.
* (Windows) Fix a crash when authenticating with
Version 0.4.2:
* (Linux) Fixed a bug where Clementine wouldn't start at all on Slackware,
openSUSE, or any other distro without FTS3 support in sqlite.
Version 0.4.1:
* (Mac) Fix global shortcuts issue.
Version 0.4:
* Support for multiple, tabbed playlists.
* Support for loading and saving XSPF, M3U, PLS and ASX playlists.
* Fullscreen visualisation support using projectM.
* Added a search bar to filter playlists.
* Magnatune integration - search, stream and download from Magnatune's
collection of DRM-free music.
* Music transcoder that can convert your music to mp3, ogg, flac, spx, 3gp
or m4a from any format that's supported by Clementine.
* ReplayGain support for volume normalisation.
* Improved the manual search feature of the album cover manager - you can
now enter text to search for and pick the best cover from a list of
* Added a "now playing" widget to the main window, and rework the UI slightly.
* Added a progress bar to the album cover manager.
* Added a "Configure global shortcuts" dialog.
* Added a menu item to add whole folders to the playlist.
* Added menu items in the Library view to "load" tracks and replace the
whole playlist.
* Added a "Jump to the currently playing track" menu item.
* Added statusbar text saying how many songs are in the playlist.
* Added a background rain option from
* Added some keyboard shortcuts for common actions.
* Library scanning on startup is now optional.
* Library scanning now shows progress information in the status bar.
* New application icon.
* The pretty OSD is now even prettier.
* (Linux) Use icons from the desktop icon theme where possible.
* Searching through large libraries is now much faster.
* Gapless playback should now work all the time with all formats.
* Song fading and crossfading shouldn't get cut off early on some sound
* Automatically detect and fix non-UTF8 character encodings in song tags.
* Fix the 5 second delay between starting the first track and
showing the cover-art in the notification.
* Lower the CPU usage of the currently playing track animation.
* Fixed a bug that would cause very high CPU usage after playing a number
of tracks.
* MMS streams that redirect to a RTSP stream should now play properly.
* Group error messages together so the user isn't overwhelmed by dialogs.
* Pressing "previous" in a shuffled playlist should follow the same order.
* Adding whole directories to the playlist now happens in the background so
it doesn't block the GUI.
* Fix a bug where Clementine would forget which playlist columns had been
hidden which lead to "ghost" columns that were shown but invisible.
* (Linux) Fix MPRIS pause behaviour.
* (Windows) \\host\share\file style URLs are now playable.
* (Windows) Use the improved directsound8 audio driver from Songbird,
fixing several playback issues on Windows.
* (Windows) Fix playback of AAC and WMA files, as well as MMS streams.
* (Windows) Fix a bug that prevented loading of any JPEG album covers.
* (Windows) Fix the animated busy spinner.
* (Mac) Add a list of supported filetypes so OS X knows which file types
Clementine can open.
* (Mac) Fix playback of various filetypes.
* (Mac) Fix dock menu when Clementine is minimised.
* (Mac) Support custom key combinations for global shortcuts (only on
Snow Leopard and higher).
* (Mac) Hide behaviour tab as it does nothing.
Version 0.3:
* It is now possible to group the library by any field.
* Clementine now uses GStreamer to play music.
* There is now an equalizer in the Tools menu.
* Crossfading between tracks, and gapless playback.
* Add an OSD for operating systems that don't have native notifications.
* MPRIS support - you can now control Clementine using compatible remote
control applications.
* You can now control Clementine using the command line.
* Better tag editing. You can now automatically renumber tracks, bulk-edit
fields, and edit tags directly from the playlist.
* Autocompletion of album and artist names when editing tags.
* Undo and redo in the playlist.
* Add a menu option to delete items from the playlist.
* Add options to hide/show the main window on startup.
* Add options to sign out of, and hide the buttons.
* Automatically scroll to the currently playing song.
* Automatically start playing again from the previously playing track.
* Show a tiny "play" or "pause" icon in the system tray.
* Show a nicer indicator in the playlist when drag+dropping songs.
* (Windows and Mac) Global shortcut support.
* (Windows) The analyzer now works.
* (Mac) Remove the system tray icon, and minimize to the dock properly.
* (Mac) Use Sparkle for updates.
* The library scanner should now be much more efficient, and won't scan
your entire collection on startup.
* Saving and loading huge playlists should now be much faster.
* Fix several issues with runtime linking of sqlite.
* It is now possible to play songs that have '#' in the name.
* The currently playing track animation is now a more readable colour.
* Fix a crash when right-clicking an empty area of the playlist.
* Fix a crash when starting Clementine from a directory that contained
another directory called "clementine".
* Fix a crash when deleting songs from the library while the library
scanner is running.
* Fix an occasional crash when playing music.
* Left clicking on the track slider will now jump to that position.
* Stop the user from rearranging album covers in the cover manager.
* (Linux) Stop Clementine from creating loads of notifications at once.
* (Linux) Clementine will no longer prevent KDE from logging out.
* Added translations for Portuguese, Czech, Danish, British English,
Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Kazakh, Bokmal, Polish,
Romanian, Swedish and Turkish.
Buildsystem changes:
* (Linux) Use the notification daemon directly, instead of through
* It is now possible to select other audio backends (xine, vlc, phonon)
through a cmake option, although doing so is not recommended, and may
cause a terrible plague to wreak havok and despair upon your friends and
loved ones. You have been warned.
Version 0.2:
* Album cover art is now automatically loaded from disk for your library
* Cover manager downloads missing covers from
* Covers for radio tracks are shown in notifications
* Much better "Various Artists" detection
* Menu items to force albums to be shown under "Various Artists"
* Support for M3U and XSPF playlists
* Menu items to add files and streams by URL
* Shuffle and Repeat modes for the playlist
* Option to hide the system tray icon
* Option to show notifications when changing volume (disabled by default)
* Playlist columns for albumartist, composer, file type, date
* Menu item to automatically number tracks in the playlist
* More 2D analyzers from Amarok 1.4
* (Linux) Media keys (play, stop, etc.) should work under Gnome
* Fixed scrobbling for local music
* Fixed problems writing UTF-8 tags
* Searching the library now supports unicode
* Fixed a serious memory leak when the window is minimized to the tray
* Fixed tracks without an album field not showing up in the library
* Clicking the track slider to move it now works properly
* The track slider should no longer move around underneath you while being
* Colours should now obey the system colour scheme
* Searching the library should now be much faster
* (Windows) Fixed logarithmic volume issues
* (Linux and Mac) Volume is now saved and restored properly when you exit
* (Linux and Mac) Library scanner now runs at a low IO priority to make it
much less intrusive
* (Mac) Fix crash when universal access options are enabled
* Added translations for Spanish, Russian, Greek and Slovak
Buildsystem changes:
* Moved from qmake to cmake
* It's now possible to build without libnotify
* Unit tests using gtest