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Coming soon, stay tuned! 👍

Allerta VVF is an unofficial open source firefighters’ management software for “Associazione VVF Volontari Darfo”

This is only a development version.

it works ✔️ it’s in beta 🕗 it doesn’t work
Availability ✔️
“Services” ✔️
“Trainings” ✔️
Token check ✔️
Installation ✔️
CLI Installation ✔️
Docker Installation ✔️
Translation ✔️
User managament 🕗
Options ✔️
Logs ✔️
User profile editor
Images 🕗
Api 🕗
Telegram bot 🕗
Twilio 🕗

Main repository



FOSSA Status


Thanks goes to (emoji key):


💻 🎨 👀 🛡️ 🤔

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

PS: You can see the original version of Allerta-VVF at