Mastodon client per Android 5.0 o successivo. (account multiplo, colonna multipla) - È possibile scorrere orizzontalmente per cambiare colonna e conto. - È possibile aggiungere e riordinare le colonne.
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Mastodon client app for Android phone/tablet.


  • Android 5.0 or later

Supported SNS service


  • “Multiple account”
  • “Multiple column” with freely rearrangement
  • “Pseudo account” that can read instance timeline without login
  • “Cross account operation” that can fav/boost/reply toots or follow users over accounts/instances
  • “Emoji” same glyphs as the PC browser version
  • “Custom emoji” fully supported
  • “Tablet mode” that shows multiple columns at once
  • “Many filters” media TL, app mute, word mute, regex filter, etc.
  • “Auto CW” that folds very long texts automatically
  • “Push notification” (Google Play service required. if not found, this app uses pull notification 15 min period.)
  • Relatively fast support for Mastodon’s new feature