11 Workflow
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GitNex is an open source app which means anyone can contribute to it.


  • RC - every version could have RC[Release Candidate] releases. There will be feature additions, improvements and fixes.
  • Stable - release a stable version.


  • main - tip of the ongoing development.
  • release - Every release will have its own branch including release tag. Minor fixes can be branched from that specific release.
  • Temporary branches like feature, hotfix etc which will then be removed once merged to the main tree of main.

Tags / Releases

All the releases will be tagged for download with release notes.

Pull Requests

All the code going to main will be through PRs. No direct pushes are allowed to main. If you want to contribute please read the contribution wiki.

Notes on bug fix releases

GitNex has the main branch as the tip branch and has version branches such as release-1.0. The release-1.0 branch serves as a release branch and will be tagged as 1.0.0. If 1.0.0 has bugs, pull requests will be merged to the release-1.0 branch, and a 1.0.1 tag will be published, along with a fast-forward merge to the main branch.