20 Troubleshoot Guide
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Here you will find the most common hacks to use the app.

I have HTTP basic authentication enabled at proxy level with pass thru. How to login?

On the login screen in the URL field enter YOUR-USERNAME@YOUR-DOMAIN.COM and skip the username field to fill. This will let you login to the app. For example, gitnex@try.gitea.io

Please note, that your proxy level username and password should be the same with your Forgejo or Gitea logins.

This feature is available in GitNex version 1.2.0 and above.

I have enabled 2FA for my account and I am on 1.8.0 Gitea version. How to login?

If you are on GitNex version 1.4.0 or below:
On the login screen in the Username field enter YOUR-USERNAME:OTP, : is the separator between username and otp code. For example, gitnex:251364

If you are on GitNex version 1.5.0 or above:
A separate optional field is introduced to enter the OTP code if you have enabled 2FA for your account.

I cannot login and the app just stuck at the login screen.

SSL Certificate:
Make sure you have a valid ssl certificate for your domain with port 443. If you have a valid SSL certificate but different port, it will be mismatched and GitNex version 2.5.0 only support this.

I have self signed certificate, what to do?
Self signed certificates are only supported from version 2.5.0. Make sure you have this version installed.

The app crash when I am browsing around.

  1. Update to the latest version of GitNex.
  2. If this does not solve the issue, you can always test the dev version from main branch. Chances are it may have been fixed. You can download the latest signed build from main to test.
  3. No, still does not work. We appreciate that you open an issue and provide as much detail possible.

What version of Android do you guys test the app on?

We normally test a release on Android 9 and above. If you have Android 6, 7 and there is an issue with the app, please let us know so we can test on that version and help fix the problem. Opening an issue is a step away.

"No instance detected", why I am getting this message?

If you have compiled Forgejo or Gitea and the version format is not like 1.12.3 etc and instead it resemble the commit hash dhsb82g2. You will need to recompile Forgejo or Gitea again with proper and correct version. Check out our discord channel or Forgejo or Gitea cheat sheet for more details. To know your Forgejo or Gitea version, type in browser https://YOUR-DOMAIN/api/v1/version. Change https://YOUR-DOMAIN to the actual IP or domain.

I cannot browse directories inside file browser.

Make sure your proxy web server is setup properly, check this link for Apache. If still encounter issues, open an issue.

I am using Gitea/Forgejo version 1.19 or above. Which token scopes should I select when creating an application token?

For optimal results, it is recommended that you choose all available scopes. GitNex adds new features with each release, and there may come a time when your token with limited scope access will prevent you from using a function or feature. Therefore, selecting all scopes is advised.