Bash script to get the last post from a RSS feed.
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Get Last RSS Post


Simple script to get the latest post link from a RSS feed (usually, the second occurence of the <title> tag).

It provides a quick way to copy/paste the title and URL for social media. It can be useful to run after deploying a static website.

If toot is installed, it can post the output as a status. A prompt will ask for it.

This is mainly for personal use. CTRL-C/CTRL-V FTW!

If I had to choose a license, it would be MIT.


  • wget
  • toot (optional for posting on Mastodon)


  • Multiple arguments with getopts
    • Check publish date
    • Post with Toot
    • Toot Visibility
    • Random expressions
    • ...?
  • Custom template for post