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A side project that aims to replicate the Amadeus App shown in Steins;Gate 0 for Android.

I'm creating this mainly for cosplay purposes, thus the design takes priority over actual functionality. Hit me up on the Steins;Gate Discord.

To start speech recognition simply touch her once. If you long-click her, she will go on a loop and say random sentences in random intervals. Long-Click again to stop.


  1. Download the amadeus.apk from here to your phone (you only need this file).
  2. Make sure to have installation from unknown sources activated in your phone's security settings (How-to)
  3. Click on amadeus.apk on your phone to install it
  4. Choose your preferred settings by clicking on the "Amadeus" logo


Recognized commands

Recognition language can be switched between different languages (English, Russian and Japanese are supported right now), but keep in mind that pronouncation may differ and some phrases can't be registered in other languages. Best experience can be achieved using Japanese.

  • Hello, Ohayou, Konnichiwa, Konbanwa
  • Christina
  • Nullpo
  • @channel, Kurigohan, Kamehameha
  • Salieri, Maho, Hiyajo
  • Time machine, SERN, Time travel
  • Memory, Amadeus, Science
  • Nice body, Hot, Sexy, Boobies
  • Robotics;Notes, antimatter


Here is a short list of available options:

  • Show subtitles - Shows subtitles according to selected app language.
  • Show XP-Icon - Show XP-Icon in notification bar (see in-game or app screenshots, app restart required)
  • Recognition language - Switches recognition language. Currently available languages: English, Japanese, Russian, German, French
  • Application language - Switches application language. Doesn't affect recognition language. Currently available languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).
  • Alarm setup - Opens dialog window with alarm feature. Triggers Amadeus call on alarm.


  • Emojikage for various improvements and advice, Russian translation
  • 8-Bit☆Asian for Zero and S;G Voice Lines and the Website
  • EPK for Phenogram Voice Lines
  • Davixxa for Assets
  • But He's a Guy and Deadeye for finding the hidden animation in 0
  • MARIORUI11 for the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
  • TehVict for the Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • Gioghurt for the Spanish translation
  • Ice for a revision of the Spanish translation
  • Alternis Dim96 for the Italian translation
  • Woute and Okami Amaterasu for the French translation
  • History-exe for the Chinese (Simplified) translation
  • jaidTw and ekrekeler for the Chinese (Traditional) translation
  • Mk-Chan and alexsh for refactoring
  • Tiffylenia for the German translation