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@ -102,12 +102,16 @@ To configure HTTP request you have to code your custom JSON file. You can start
Every JSON object is an HTTP request with specific parameters:
- **configuration -> verbose_level**: the verbosity of the output. It accepts values from 1 to 3
- **title**: the title of the to request
- **url**: the URL to request
- **method**: GET|POST (you could also use PUT, DELETE, etc, but not yet tested!)
- **headers**: a JSON array with all headers you want to send with the request
- **body**: the body of the request in case you send a POST request
- **header-regexp**: an array of regular expressions you want to use to extract values from the headers. IMPORTANT: only the first value per regexp will be matched
- **body-regexp**: like header-regexp, but the values will be matched against the response body
- **header-expected**: an array of key/value to look for in the response headers (useful for test purpose)
- **body-expected**: an array of key/value to look for in the body headers (useful for test purpose)
- **extra_guzzle_options**: array of extra Guzzle options. Here you can find a full list of options: https://docs.guzzlephp.org/en/stable/request-options.html