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Major bug fixes:

  • Videos: Use android test suite client (#4650, thanks @SamantazFox)
  • Trending: Un-nest category if this is the only one (#4600, thanks @ChunkyProgrammer)
  • Comments: Add support for new format (#4576, thanks @ChunkyProgrammer)

Minor bug fixes:

  • API: Add bitrate to formatStreams too (#4590, thanks @absidue)
  • API: Add 'authorVerified' field on recommended videos (#4562, thanks @ChunkyProgrammer)
  • Videos: Add support for new likes format (#4462, thanks @ChunkyProgrammer)
  • Proxy: Handle non-200 HTTP codes on DASH manifests (#4429, thanks @absidue)

Other improvements:

  • Remove legacy proxy code (#4570, thanks @syeopite)
  • API: convey info "is post live" from Youtube response (#4569, thanks @ChunkyProgrammer)
  • API: Parse channel's tags (#4294, thanks @ChunkyProgrammer)
  • Translations update from Hosted Weblate (#4164, thanks to our many translators)