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Welcome to umbrello-bot ☂️

License: GPL--3.0--or--later Twitter: franjsco

A telegram bot to know if you need to take the umbrella.


  1. Install Node.js and npm.
  2. Install MongoDB.
  3. Configure umbrello-api.
  4. Clone this repository.
  5. Install dependencies with npm install.
  6. Create a new bot with @BotFather on Telegram
  7. Create env file or set environment variables (read: "Environment variables")
  8. Build the code with npm run build.
  9. Launch the bot with npm run serve.

Environment Variables.




1. Search the city.

Search the city id with:

/search [city name] 

example: /search Roma

It will send back the cities id.

2. Set the city.

Set the city wth:

/set [city id]

example: /set 3169070. (3169070= Rome, IT)

3. Get the forecasts.

Get the forecasts with:


Build Docker image

# cd umbrello-bot/
# docker build -t umbrello-bot .
# docker run umbrello-bot


👤 franjsco (Francesco Esposito)

Show your support

Give a ️ if this project helped you!

📝 License

Copyright © 2020 franjsco (Francesco Esposito).
This project is GPL--3.0--or--later licensed.

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