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  Basix 4bbdde0e5c
Add some new communities and advocacy groups 5 months ago
  bill auger 886d255dad add Community and Advocacy Groups 5 months ago
  bill auger b6113255fe correct forge-fed information and category 5 months ago
  Arthur Lutz 221d482bee Add casting.club - Chess over ActivityPub. 9 months ago
  Basix cb53347ee5
Remove pump.io 1 year ago
  Yazdan 522a8e6c6d add lemmy to Services list 1 year ago
  Diogo Cordeiro cf2c8cc2b6 [GS's ActivityPub plugin] Moved 1 year ago
  Basix 8a6addf286
Remove microstatus 1 year ago
  Basix df2d46d78b
Merge pull request #14 from gobengo/patch-1 1 year ago
  Benjamin Goering 4e0c817cb9
Fix typo 'disbin' -> 'distbin' in README 1 year ago
  Basix 320599f559
Merge pull request #11 from PabloCastellano/patch-1 1 year ago
  Pablo Castellano ab6dfa671b
Fix typo in README 1 year ago
  Basix 30b71e43ed Remove the dead link, test.activitypub.rocks 1 year ago
  Basix c775ebeb70 Add CommonsPub 1 year ago
  Basix 2f05a37804 Fix Lint 1 year ago
  Basix 688afd97d0
Add Pterotype, Mobilizon and RSS to ActivityPub 1 year ago
  Basix ec2b52dc5a
Add Nextcloud Social and activitypub-php 1 year ago
  Basix 7e76f65f36
Add express-activitypub 2 years ago
  21stio 445f59c1a2
Update README.md 2 years ago
  Basix d8a427322a Fix errors on awesome lint 2 years ago
  Basix 17ee3fa1cf Add description for each section. 2 years ago
  Basix c31c2af40d Add simple contribution guidelines 2 years ago
  Basix 435acb2ac1 Sort by alphabetical order on 4 sections 2 years ago
  Basix 1a423229fd Add some new active AP projects 2 years ago
  Basix f9f9c67c63 Remove some abandoned projects 2 years ago
  Basix 8c45509e74 Change Platforms to Services 2 years ago
  Basix e3f44aa55f Add anancus 2 years ago
  Basix f76e97aa42
Added description for Acorde. 2 years ago
  Basix e602ef0464
Removed not ready-for-production items. 2 years ago
  wakest 07d3236f83
Added more items from https://www.are.na/liaizon-wakest/activitypub 2 years ago
  Basix c82be3f7cc
Added more items from https://www.are.na/liaizon-wakest/activitypub 2 years ago
  Basix e7830288a0
Added some bridges 2 years ago
  Basix 7fcbcc6670
Fixed PixelFed's name and website URL. 2 years ago
  Basix a4678d406e
Added more platforms support ActivityPub 2 years ago
  Basix 37d46d428f
Added two items. 2 years ago
  Basix 07735df35f
Added Funkwhale 2 years ago
  Basix 2df0a84e78
Added more social newtorks support ActivityPub. 2 years ago
  Basix 6a12bbc430
Added WIP notice on GitPub 2 years ago
  Basix 9808fa1205
Inital Commit 2 years ago