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  Noémi Ványi c5d63a5c97
Merge pull request #2837 from searx/update_data_update_currencies.py 2 weeks ago
  dalf 9e7a68480c Update searx.data - update_currencies.py 2 weeks ago
  Noémi Ványi 2db2dfa874
Merge pull request #2836 from searx/update_data_update_wikidata_units.py 2 weeks ago
  dalf 89acf2462a Update searx.data - update_wikidata_units.py 2 weeks ago
  Noémi Ványi 0d10ad5602
Merge pull request #2835 from searx/update_data_update_firefox_version.py 2 weeks ago
  dalf 3033b3297f Update searx.data - update_firefox_version.py 2 weeks ago
  Noémi Ványi 6b738021f7
Merge pull request #2834 from searx/update_data_update_ahmia_blacklist.py 2 weeks ago
  dalf fc5973cf95 Update searx.data - update_ahmia_blacklist.py 2 weeks ago
  Noémi Ványi d89b42879b
Merge pull request #2829 from jordemort/mankier 2 weeks ago
  Jordan Webb 60ad4118d6
Add json_engine configuration for ManKier 2 weeks ago
  Noémi Ványi 0267563970
Merge pull request #2830 from jordemort/pypi 2 weeks ago
  Adam Tauber c8d2b5eb34 [doc] add info about redis engine dependency 2 weeks ago
  Adam Tauber 01a8a5814a [fix] pylint 2 weeks ago
  Adam Tauber ea7ccf2422 [fix] correct kv template formatting and remove internal data 2 weeks ago
  Adam Tauber 97269be680 [enh] add redis offline engine 2 weeks ago
  Jordan Webb 66d06b05fe
Add xpath configuration for PyPI 2 weeks ago
  Noémi Ványi 22a79a4896 Add blog post about SQL servers 3 weeks ago
  Allen 28e4ef9173
Adds Dogpile as an engine (#2822) 3 weeks ago
  Noémi Ványi c486adf8f7 Minor fixes to wikimini engine 3 weeks ago
  LL Productions FR bed044cc62 Add Wikimini 1 month ago
  Markus Heiser 0647b34b1d [fix] engine archive is - search_url has been changed 1 month ago
  Markus Heiser 650a1c0b89 [enh] xpath engine - add request parameter 'soft_max_redirects' 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi cafd4cb4f8 Follow up /stats changes in unit test 1 month ago
  Adam Tauber 9b5415ea2f [mod] disable /stats page by default to prevent potential data leak 1 month ago
  Adam Tauber 6cd3bf376f [fix] activate pylint only for the tests 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi 0313797dfd Add sqlite engine to pylint 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi 8e90a214ce Add sqlite engine 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi 0627fab511
Merge pull request #2807 from kvch/fix-master-failure 1 month ago
  Alexandre Flament 4a187d41be [fix] fix KeyError: 'ipv6' 1 month ago
  Alexandre Flament 5e53e9412d [mod] searx.network.client: the same configuration reuses the same ssl.SSLContext 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi d93ac96c9f
Merge pull request #2800 from kvch/add-httpx 1 month ago
  Alexandre Flament 75d1f38b20 [fix] searxng fix: sjp engine 1 month ago
  Alexandre Flament 8d2ea790de [fix] searx.network: fix rare cases where LOOP is None 1 month ago
  Markus Heiser e3b6757234 [fix] drop 'idna' from requirements.txt 1 month ago
  Markus Heiser 4c43290b7d [fix] debug log: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode 1 month ago
  Alexandre Flament 14fe1779b7 [httpx] replace searx.poolrequests by searx.network 2 months ago
  Alexandre Flament 88a96baedc [enh] replace requests by httpx 3 months ago
  Alexandre Flament 4415d25485 [fix] test: avoid HTTP requests 2 months ago
  Adam Tauber f045c385d1
Merge pull request #2799 from MarcAbonce/fix_qwant_locales 1 month ago
  Marc Abonce Seguin 3284132ae5 fix Qwant's fetch_languages function 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi 540959b524
Merge pull request #2790 from searx/dependabot/pip/master/pylint-2.8.2 1 month ago
  dependabot[bot] 9c7090d4e6
Bump pylint from 2.7.4 to 2.8.2 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi 5d2b5d87a9 ignore new pylint warning in testing.py 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi 70c439aee5
Merge pull request #2797 from searx/update_data_update_ahmia_blacklist.py 1 month ago
  kvch 426ce34253 Update searx.data - update_ahmia_blacklist.py 1 month ago
  kvch c06cfec774 Update searx.data - update_wikidata_units.py 1 month ago
  kvch 065322e413 Update searx.data - update_currencies.py 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi 3574aa1070
Merge pull request #2796 from searx/update_data_update_firefox_version.py 1 month ago
  kvch 24326ee060 Update searx.data - update_firefox_version.py 1 month ago
  Noémi Ványi e9a390f5d2 fix path to manage script in GH workflow 1 month ago