Questa estensione per browser guarda il vostro attuale URL e raccomanda alternative "migliori" di prodotto/servizio tramite un pop-up. "Migliore" potrebbe significare etico / attento alla privacy / sicuro / locale / più economico / di alta qualità, ecc.
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This extension looks at your current URL, and recommends "better" product/service alternatives via an in-page pop-up. "Better" could mean ethical / privacy-conscious / secure / local / cheaper / high-quality etc.

This should work for both Chromium-based (Chrome, Brave, Chromium etc) AND Firefox-based browsers.


Download on Chrome Webstore

Download on Firefox Add-ons


The idea is to encourage competition and consumer choice. Our default list of alternatives is built from sources like and

The extension ships with a default list of recommendations but you can subscribe to lists maintained by others. This allows different interpretations of "better" to exist and you can subscribe to those that appeals to your preferences the most.

For every URL pattern, multiple alternatives may exist. The first one is always shown as a primary recommendation with emphasis, and the rest are presented as secondary.

The pop-up shows an option to dismiss the suggestion forever for the current URL pattern. The extension needs permission to use localStorage for preserving these preferences.


You can load this extension directly in Chrome or Firefox Developer Edition (after setting xpinstall.signatures.required to false in about:config).

To submit to the stores, build a zip with: zip -r -X ./* Before creating the zip for the Chrome store, remove browser_specific_settings from manifest.json

Demo Video

You can view 2 demo videos here:


Check one of the unassigned issues and start a discussion or send a pull request.