Una rapida guida alle reti del Fediverso con collegamenti ai principati siti. La guida rende più facile per i nuovi arrivati familiarizzare con l'idea in generale e con ogni rete federata in particolare. https://fediverso.it
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website logo A quick look into Fediverse networks



  1. Road Making: Provide links to information scattered around the internet. Make it easier for newcomers to get acquainted with the idea in general and with every federated network in particular.

  2. Team Building: Unite all federated social networks under 'Fediverse' name. Highlight the sense and spirit of a Fediverse community.


Read Contributing

→ Check out our Wiki


Fediverse page

Data located in: /source/_data/fediverse.json file

Chronicles page

Data located in: /source/_posts folder

Knowledge page

Data located in: /source/_data/knowledge.json file

Each network page

Data located in: /source/_data/..network.json and /source/_data/world.json files

Portal page

Supposed to link to a page helping to choose a server on any network (just an idea, for now)

Theme File Structure

  • Develop styles in /themes/starter/assets/scss
  • Develop scripts in /themes/starter/assets/scripts


This site uses Hexo static generator. Follow these steps to spin up a local development environment:

  1. Run npm install in main project's folder
  2. Run gulp in /themes/starter folder
  3. In second terminal, run hexo server in main folder, to start the server and preview at localhost


Maintaining several website translations will require extra work. Please, read discussion. Adding another language requires additions to _config file and /themes/starter/languages folder.

Mandatory for translating:

  • create lang folder (/source/*lang*)
  • common strings (/themes/starter/languages/en)
  • /source/_data folder: fediverse.json, world.json

Translating Chronicles and Knowledge page content doesn't make sense (?). They will be mostly a collection of external English articles. If you're willing to become a permanent news contributor in another language and to search for Fediverse news in that language, let's discuss it in the issue.