Vernissage è una app Pixelfed per iPhone semplice e intuitiva che si concentra sulla presentazione e sulla condivisione delle foto. Con Vernissage è possibile sfogliare una timeline dedicata esclusivamente alle foto. Ciò significa che non troverete altri tipi di media nell'app, in modo da potervi concentrare esclusivamente sulla scoperta e sulla fruizione di belle fotografie.
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Vernissage is a simple and intuitive Pixelfed client that is focused on showcasing and sharing photos. With Vernissage, you can browse through a timeline that is dedicated to photos only. This means that you won't find any other types of media in the app, so you can focus solely on discovering and enjoying beautiful photography.

Our app features a clean and minimalistic interface that is designed to put the focus on the images. You can easily like and comment on photos, as well as follow other users to keep up with their latest posts.

Vernissage is 100% free and open-source.

So, whether you're a professional photographer, an amateur enthusiast, or simply someone who loves to discover and share stunning photos, Vernissage is the perfect app for you. Try it out today and join our growing community of passionate photo lovers.

It's built entirely in SwiftUI.


You can fork and clone repository. Change development team and bundle id. Do your changes and create a pull a request 👍.

Thank you in advance for any, even the smallest help, with the development of the project 💕!


Application is using new translation mechanism introduced in XCode 15 (xcstring). Here you can find description how this mechanism is working:

In the applications we have several string catalogs:

  • Localization/Localizable
  • EnvironmentKit/Source/EnvironmentKit/Localizable
  • WidgetKit/Source/WidgetKit/Localizable
  • ServicesKit/Source/ServicesKit/Localizable
  • PixelfedKit/Source/PixelfedKit/Localizable
  • ClientKit/Source/ClientKit/Localizable

Right now it's very easy to find new (not translated yet) titles. Also you can mark titles which need some review. However you need to have XCode 15 installed. There isn't right now good external tool that have similar features.


From time to time you have to come back and translate lines which has been added since the last translation.

Technical debt

Things that should be implemented in version 2.0: