PeerTubeify è un'estensione per il browser che aiuta a scoprire quali video di YouTube sono disponibili anche su PeerTube, visualizzando un link e una miniatura sotto il titolo del video quando si guarda un video su YouTube.
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PeerTubeify is a browser extension to help discovering which YouTube videos are also available on PeerTube, by displaying a link and a thumbnail below the video title, when watching a video on YouTube.

If you choose to automatically redirect from YouTube to PeerTube, it uses Invidious to get the video information without making any requests to YouTube from your browser, for added privacy.

It also allows you to choose a preferred PeerTube instance; when you watch a video on another instance, a link to the same video in your preferred instance is displayed.

PeerTube is a federated video streaming platform.

PeerTubeify is not affiliated with PeerTube.

Get it on Firefox or Chrome/Chromium.

How does it work?

Most videos have the same title on YouTube and PeerTube. Hence — for now? — PeerTubeify uses the /search/videos endpoint of the PeerTube API to check if a video with the same title exists.


Yes please!


PeerTubeify is released under the GNU GPL version 3. See COPYING.


  • @Nutomic for hosting, the default instance used by PeerTubeify
  • @Booteille for having implemented the Individious feature
  • Omar Roth for letting us use Invidious