Connector per Mobilizon ti permette di visualizzare i prossimi eventi di Mobilizon sul tuo sito WordPress.
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Connector for Mobilizon

Connector for Mobilizon allows you to display the upcoming events of Mobilizon, which is a federated event listing platform, on your WordPress website.

More details can be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

The current changelog can be found under source/changelog.txt.



  1. Make sure npm and composer are installed.
  2. Run: npm install
  3. Run: composer install

Development build

  1. Build: npm run build-dev
  2. Make sure to keep changelog.txt up-to-date.

Release procedure

  1. Make sure changelog.txt is up-to-date.
  2. Use a new version number and copy over the new section into readme.txt.
  3. Update package.json with the same version number.
  4. Update the package-lock.json: npm i --package-lock-only
  5. Build: npm run build-prod
  6. Make sure screenshots are up-to-date.
  7. Copy the built plugin into /trunk of SVN.
  8. Create a new tag of the new version: svn cp trunk tags/<version>
  9. Check the version number occurrences in both folders.
  10. Commit everything together to the release SVN: svn ci -m "release version <version>" Make sure to add new files beforehand.
  11. Commit the new version in git with the same message.
  12. Tag the new version: git tag v<version>
  13. Push the new tag to the repository: git push --tags

Other commands

  • Run ESLint: npm run eslint
  • Run JavaScript code coverage with tests: npm run coverage
  • Run tests: npm test
  • Delete build folder: npm run clean
  • Update PHP dependencies: composer update
  • Check for direct PHP dependency updates: composer outdated --direct
  • Format code with prettier: npm run format