Plugin per mobilizon facile da usare e da configurare su Wordpress Si integra bene nel vostro tema esistente Mostra gli eventi di un gruppo specifico o dell'intera istanza
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Mobilizon-Block (Wordpress Plugin)

This Plugin is beta-state. Use it carefully! But you are welcome to report bugs or feature wishes.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Integrates nicely in your existing theme
  • Show events of specific group or whole instance
  • Configuration in the block settings:
    • Maximum number of events shown
    • Selectable designs (soon)
    • Amount of event-details displayed (soon)
  • Events get cached on the server as transients (soon)

Differences to connector-mobilizon

This Wordpress-Plugin is inspired by

  • Using a Gutenberg-Block, not a shortcode
  • Fetches the events on the server side (php), not on the client side (JavaScript), which is out-of-the-box GDPR-compatible.


v0.3 - 04. August 2021

  • Add event descriptions in modal box (not optional yet)

v0.2 - 04. August 2021

  • Enhance backend design
  • Make setup more fail-proof
  • small fixes

v0.1 - 01. August 2021

  • Initial Proof of Concept



If you want to contribute code, translations or have ideas and so on, please see the section first. You are very welcome.

👉 npm install

  • Fetches the dependencies
  • Usually only needed the first time, or when the dependencies are updated

👉 npm start

  • Use to compile and run the block in development mode.
  • Watches for any changes and reports back any errors in your code.

👉 npm run build

  • Use to build production code for your block inside dist folder.
  • Runs once and reports back the gzip file sizes of the produced code.

Additional Information

This project was bootstrapped with Create Guten Block.