Un semplice client Mastodon progettato per sistemi operativi Linux. Puoi sempre aiutare il progetto segnalando bug, inviando richieste di pull e suggerendo idee. https://mastodon.it
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Simple Mastodon client for Linux



Download on Flathub

Building From Source

  1. Make sure you have these dependencies:

    Package Name Required Version Notes
    meson 0.50
    valac 0.48
    libglib-2.0-dev 2.30
    libjson-glib-dev 1.4.4
    libxml2-dev 2.9.10
    libgee-0.8-dev 0.8.5
    libsoup2.4-dev 2.64
    libgtk-3-dev 3.22
    libhandy-1.0-dev 1.0.0 Will be attempted to install automatically if not present.
    libsecret-1-dev 0.20 Optional. Used for storing accounts using Secret Service API.
  2. Run install.sh in the project directory. The app will launch automatically on success.


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