Elenco completo delle più importanti risorse per utilizzare al meglio il social network mastodon. Comprende elenco di account italiani ed inglesi più rilevanti
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Risorse Mastodon Awesome License: CC0

Curated list of Mastodon-related stuff!

Mastodon is the world’s largest free, open-source, decentralized microblogging network. See the Official category to learn more about the network.




  • Tusky - Android client.
  • Twidere - Android app for Twitter, GNU Social and Mastodon.
  • Tooty - Experimental multi-account Mastodon Web client (Elm).
  • toot - Mastodon CLI client (Python).
  • madonctl - Mastodon CLI client (Go).
  • naumanni - Web user interface specially designed for Mastodon.
  • Tooter - Native client for SailfishOS.
  • Fedilab - Android client.
  • Pinafore - Alternative web client for Mastodon, focused on speed and simplicity.
  • Tootle - Simple Mastodon client designed for elementary OS.
  • Brutaldon - Brutaldon is a brutalist, Web 1.0 web interface for Mastodon.
  • Halcyon - Alternative web client for Mastodon and Pleroma with a Twitter-like interface.
  • Whalebird - Electron-based Mastodon client.
  • Planiverse - Minimalist, no-JS Web client for Mastodon.
  • Toot! - Mastodon client for iOS.

Federated servers

  • Mastodon - Most known microblogging platform.
  • Pleroma - Lightweight microblogging platform.
  • GnuSocial - Oldest microblogging platform.
  • Microblog.pub - Single-user lightweight microblogging platform.
  • Hubzilla - Blog/social networks platform with file, contacts and events sharing.
  • Friendica - Social network platform.
  • Peertube - Video sharing platform.
  • FunkWhale - Audio sharing platform.
  • Plume - Blogging platform.
  • WriteFreely - Blogging platform.
  • Prismo - Link aggregation platform.
  • PixelFed - Photograph sharing platform.
  • NextCloud Social - Microblogging inside the cloud platform.


User styles

  • Variable width - Makes Mastodon scale with the browser’s width.
  • Narrow drawer - With the variable width style, makes the drawer narrower and the other columns scale accordingly.

User scripts


  • feed2toot - Automatically parses RSS feeds, identifies new posts and posts them on Mastodon (Python).
  • usercount - Bot which posts user statistics to Mastodon (Python).
  • autofollow - Autofollow bot for Mastodon (Python).
  • hnbot - Posts the Hacker News stories with 100+ points (Python).
  • translator - Translate any toot into the desired language using @translator@toot.works [langcode].
  • @TrendingBot@mastodon.social - Shows you what’s trending on Mastodon.
  • Remindr - Automatically send reminders to both Mastodon and Twitter from a list of resources (Python).
  • News Bot - mirrors Twitter accounts on Mastodon (ClojureScript), source available on GitHub.
  • Welcome Bot - Automatically send a welcome DM to new users (Python).

News & magazines bots

Please note: most of them are non-official. Also, we do not recommend any, they are just listed here for your information.



Software libero










  • Mastodon.py - Python wrapper for the Mastodon API.
  • Megalodon - Mastodon API client library for node.js.