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Jason McBrayer e6c5273a2f Bump version number for pleroma features 2020-07-08 13:26:11 -04:00
Jason McBrayer 012c0b74c1 Update intercooler.js 2020-07-08 13:24:00 -04:00
Jason McBrayer adc65f8d5a Upgrade jquery and remove zepto 2020-07-08 13:23:04 -04:00
Jason McBrayer d43d9cf6a6 Ignore yarn.lock 2020-07-08 13:21:34 -04:00
Jason McBrayer fd5e4874c8 Fix errors introduced in same_user, apply standard formatting 2020-07-08 12:58:38 -04:00
GCU Prosthetic Conscience b1a2c7f57d
Merge pull request #76 from cyisfor/handle_feature_set_errors
Handle feature set errors from Pleroma
2020-07-08 12:37:02 -04:00
GCU Prosthetic Conscience 8c5c48fd19
Merge pull request #79 from cyisfor/pleroma_account_search_workaround
Pleroma account search workaround
2020-07-08 12:16:27 -04:00
GCU Prosthetic Conscience ab5b734dbb
Merge pull request #77 from cyisfor/catch_session_expiration_error raises an error when session is expired
2020-07-01 08:37:40 -04:00
GCU Prosthetic Conscience a05d09289a
Merge pull request #74 from cyisfor/sophistifimacation
hiding, I mean, sophistimacatifying the instance url checking
2020-06-01 10:40:42 -04:00
GCU Prosthetic Conscience 9a99f34945
Merge pull request #73 from cyisfor/last_seen_index_error
random exception when viewing notifications
2020-06-01 10:36:23 -04:00
GCU Prosthetic Conscience 12f0fab3b2
Merge pull request #72 from cyisfor/dark_textareas
textareas and inputs in bulmaswatch-darkly were hurting my eyes.
2020-06-01 10:34:14 -04:00
Jason McBrayer b2d13e4520 Add help to preview_sensitive preference 2020-06-01 10:32:43 -04:00
Jason McBrayer b806d6c89d Reformat settings.html 2020-06-01 10:26:25 -04:00
Jason McBrayer 0971997ad3 Rearrange/reorganize settings 2020-06-01 10:25:43 -04:00
Jason McBrayer 391f31c76c Add migration for last config change 2020-06-01 10:22:28 -04:00
GCU Prosthetic Conscience a536c35dfd
Merge pull request #71 from cyisfor/preview_sensitive
Preview sensitive media
2020-06-01 10:15:25 -04:00
GCU Prosthetic Conscience 62362d8ab6
Merge pull request #70 from cyisfor/cohesive_preferences_code
Cohesive preferences code
2020-06-01 10:09:55 -04:00
Jason McBrayer 496d045356 Apparently we were missing a migration?
Hope this doesn't break anything for anyone else.
2020-06-01 09:53:58 -04:00
cyisfor 22036aa22c
Flake ids (#68)
This is a series of squashed commits from cysfor @ github.

* Pleroma base62 "flake_id" isn't a decimal integer

* Is it the path order?

Still learning Django, making sure it's not erroring out because the path order is backwards. /user/:id dies saying /user/:id/next/:thingy won't parse, so I thought they might be out of order. But actually the template main/user.html silently recurses when you do /user/:id sending another query for /user/:id/next/:etc.

* I figure out flake_ids

Go figure Pleroma can't even use hexadecimal numbers. Nope, base62 is clearly the way to go. They're working for me, at any rate.

Co-authored-by: Cy <autocommit>
Co-authored-by: Cy <email>
2020-06-01 09:43:54 -04:00
Jason McBrayer ae7be271c9 Update notification about github mirror 2020-06-01 09:41:33 -04:00
Jason McBrayer 9a89664baf Merge branch 'master' of 2020-06-01 09:40:02 -04:00
Cy 9b062437af
Oops, left some debugging in there 2020-06-01 08:39:16 +00:00
Cy f471cf656f
Missed a same_username
Making sure to check the username in the fallback too. Otherwise, seems to be working!
2020-06-01 08:34:39 +00:00
Cy 6d22b6fc66 Pleroma bug requires /search before /account_search works
Bluh... falling back to /search if /account_search fails.
2020-06-01 08:31:31 +00:00
Cy 9dd5e44e6f More debugging
Trying to understand what's coming over the wire again
2020-06-01 08:30:28 +00:00
Cy 0b418f985d Trying to figure out why it's not finding accounts
Refactoring the code to be a little more readable...
2020-06-01 08:25:01 +00:00
Cy dd19608b66 raises an error when session is expired
Sometimes Brutaldon thinks it has a valid session key, but the upstream Fediverse server does not, and Brutaldon needs to handle that. Brutal probably should un-set its own internal logged-in state when that happens, but for now it just returns the same thing as if you weren't logged into Brutaldon, making you log in again, making Brutaldon get a new session token from upstream.
2020-06-01 00:21:38 +00:00
Cy 9415defede
whoops, left an old mistake in the code 2020-05-31 02:22:47 +00:00
Cy c0caab4919
Missed a few status_post calls 2020-05-31 01:04:43 +00:00
Cy 39f13d64fd
Allow previewing sensitive images
A setting to not censor sensitive images if you think you're not in danger for looking at them.
2020-05-30 23:23:36 +00:00
Cy 0439440f40
Foreign keys add magic members
Because when you add one field to a class, you clearly want to add two fields to a class, and there's no need to consider the field you never asked to add to be something other than a field.
2020-05-30 23:20:16 +00:00
Cy 0b93eb78f4
Refactoring preferences to be more cohesive
No need to list the preference fields three times in three places in the code. A class decorator ought to be able to sleuth them out from the model itself. Should make it easier to add new preferences.
2020-05-30 23:19:49 +00:00
Cy 12d7b4cb7d
Handle feature_set errors automatically
Recreate the mastodon object if there's an error complaining about a missing feature set. Only happens for status_post I think. Could be further generalized...
2020-05-30 23:10:50 +00:00
Cy 2dfdb0b859
Support feature_set= other than mainline for Mastodon
Pleroma will send records that cause brutaldon to make pleroma-specific responses, which the mastodon python module wigs out on claiming it doesn't support that "feature set" so allow for a feature set to be specified...
2020-05-30 23:07:38 +00:00
Cy c3f6503bec
random exception when viewing notifications
I think it's a rare occasion that there are no last seen notifications, in which case just ignoring it and setting account.note_seen later works fine.
2020-05-30 21:26:02 +00:00
Cy bf0394ca36
textareas and inputs in bulmaswatch-darkly were hurting my eyes.
(#fff) is not a good background color to compose posts in, that are then displayed with the dark background color.
2020-05-30 21:23:46 +00:00
Cy 17aae685ea
hiding, I mean, sophistimacatifying the instance url checking 2020-05-30 20:58:21 +00:00
Jason McBrayer 2354dadddb Catch MastodonNotFoundErrors that were not being caught
This will cause a much more sensible error message in the case of
trying to reply to or view the thread of deleted messages
2020-03-10 18:38:03 -04:00
GCU Prosthetic Conscience 00e35409ef
Merge pull request #66 from garbados/master
Bring Brutaldon mirror up to date

Note the primary repository is
2020-01-31 13:58:33 -05:00
Diana Thayer aa8585bb24
Merge branch 'master' of 2020-01-31 03:15:21 +01:00
Jason McBrayer 72c7bbcc3d Bump patch level for bug fixes 2019-11-26 08:51:59 -05:00
Jason McBrayer 31c6d0b5f0 Fix rare crash in notifications 2019-11-26 08:48:50 -05:00
Jason McBrayer ecdaabff33 Fix accessibility issue with expand CW button 2019-11-08 10:38:46 -05:00
Jason McBrayer f6d0cfee61 Fix sorting of bundled notifications 2019-11-08 10:24:10 -05:00
Jason McBrayer 428c1e1508 Make bookmarklet available in footer of every page 2019-11-08 10:06:45 -05:00
Jason McBrayer fb2970af3b Fix a bug in bundling notes 2019-11-08 07:46:22 -05:00
Jason McBrayer 2da4fd0de2 Sharing bookmarklet works 2019-11-07 19:44:09 -05:00
Jason McBrayer da1de5ea32 Add share view 2019-11-07 13:32:51 -05:00
Jason McBrayer c836861027 Fix formatting of migrations 2019-11-07 13:32:41 -05:00
Jason McBrayer eaf0cbd46b Fix emojos in display names in notifications 2019-11-06 12:49:51 -05:00