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<h1>Payment Policy</h1>
We provide payment for work done on the Tusky project, including but not limited to, Coding, Code Review, Design, and User Support. We also reimburse all costs necessary to keep the project running, e.g. servers, hosting, domain renewals, and the occasional merchandise drop to promote the project.
We primarily use our budget to enable contributors who would otherwise not be able to contribute, and prioritize payments to such need-based contributors.
<li>Payments for one-off contributions are welcome, but the scope of the work must be discussed and approved in our Matrix-based <a href="" target="_new">Tusky Code room</a> prior to the work commencing.</li>
<li>Payment amounts for one-off contributions will be determined based on the scope of the work and amount of funds available, both of which will be discussed and agreed upon by the contributor and team up front. The payment amount will be considered approved with the sign-off of one of our <a href="" target="_new">OpenCollective Admins</a> after the discussion has occurred.</li>
<li>Regular contributors can submit for payments based on a team-approved individual agreement.</li>
<li>Payment requests are approved by our <a href="" target="_new">OpenCollective Admins</a>. Admins <i>cannot</i> approve their own payment requests.</li>
<li>Payments have a soft cap of $500/month per contributor. Additional amounts may not be considered without a broad team consensus.</li>
<h2>Expense Submissions</h2>
Payment requests should be submitted monthly for the previous month's work. A description of the work must be included. Some examples:
<li>September 2023: [#] hours of development work on GitHub issues #1234, #5678, #9000.</li>
<li>September 2023: [#] hours of support work updating Tusky FAQs, answering email inquiries sent to the Tusky email address, and posting updates to the official Mastodon Tusky account.</li>
You are not required to upload an invoice attachment (the data you submit in the expense form is sufficient) but if you would like to include an uploaded invoice, please make it out to:
Open Source Collective<br>
440 N. Barranca Avenue #3717<br>
Covina, CA 91723, USA<br>
<h2>Reimbursement Submissions</h2>
Reimbursements must include receipts, whether a PDF copy or photo of a paper receipt. For more information on what constitutes a valid receipt, see <a href="" target="_new">Open Source Collective's documentation</a>.