Panoramica delle istanze Mastodon. Questa lista può essere utile per i nuovi utenti che desiderano scegliere un server mastodon a tema.
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🐘 Mastodon instances overview

IMPORTANT: as of July 2020, this list is deprecated and won’t get updates. All new changes will be added to

GitHub WARNING: This is a mirror repo from GitLab. Please, send your MRs there. New PRs here won’t be merged.

This list may be useful for new users who wish to choose a server by theme.

💡 Sciences

🎨 Humanities

🎓 Education

🙏 Religion

  • - for Catholics and those interested in Catholicism
  • - for Christians
  • - place for Buddhism in Fediverse, all schools of related thought welcome


🎵 Music

🔭 Hobbies

🎏 Language specific


🎬 Game / Book / Show theme

🐧 For techies

💻 Programming

🎮 Gamedev

🔴 Political and social views

🐰 Ecology and animals

🐒 Family / Social relations

🌈 Safe spaces

👽 Fandoms

👣 Subcultures

  • - furry instance for all the mouse adjacent folks who rock
  • - community for foxes, friends, and other furry (and non-furry) creatures
  • - general furry/safe-space instance
  • - general furry/safe-space instance

🌏 Notable generalistic

// small-to-medium sized instances that will be happy to have new users

😸 For people with a sense of self-irony

🐚 Run by tech-savvy organizations

🎉 Notable mention

// * open only to particular audience *


Following instances skipped: number of users > 5.000, closed registration at the moment of checking, running old code, theme / description not understood due to language barrier or scarce description, long blocklists, experimental servers.

Add your own themed Mastodon instance by opening an issue or via MR. If your server already has many users, it will be nice of you to let other instances grow, for a healthier decentralization.