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Contribution guidelines

Strawberry is an free and open-source project, it is possible and encouraged to participate in the development. You can also participate by answering questions, reporting bugs or helping with documentation.

Submitting a pull request

You should start by creating a fork of the Strawberry repository using the GitHub fork button, after that you can clone the repository from your fork. Replace "username" with your own.

Clone the repository

git clone
cd strawberry

Setup the remote

git remote add upstream

Create a new branch

This creates a new branch from the master branch that you use for specific changes.

git checkout -b your-branch

Stage changes

Once you've finished working on a specific change, stage the changes for a specific commit.

Always keep your commits relevant to the pull request, and each commit as small as possible.

git add -p

Commit changes

git commit

Commit messages

The first line should start with the name of the class that is changed followed by a colon then a short explanation of the commit. Don't use a trailing period after the first line. If this change affects more than one class, omit the class name and write a more general message.

You only need to include a main description (body) for larger changes where the one line is not enough to describe everything. The main description starts after two newlines, it is normal prose and should use normal punctuation and capital letters where appropriate. It should explain exactly what's changed, why it's changed, and what bugs were fixed.

An example of the expected format for git commit messages is as follows:

StretchHeaderView: Set default section size

As of Qt 6.6.1, style changes are resetting the column sizes. To prevent this, we set a default section size.

Fixes #1328

Push the changes to GitHub

Once you've finished working on the changes, push the branch to the Git repository and open a new pull request.

git push origin your-branch

Update your fork's master branch

git checkout master
git pull --rebase origin master
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master
git push origin master

Update your branch

git checkout your-branch
git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/master
git push origin your-branch --force-with-lease

Rebase your branch

If you need fix any issues with your commits, you need to rebase your branch to squash any commits, or to change the commit message.

git checkout your-branch
git log
git rebase -i commit_sha~
git push origin your-branch --force-with-lease

Delete your fork

If you do not plan to work more on Strawberry, please delete your fork from GitHub once the pull requests are merged.