Plugin per Kodi per ascoltare e scaricare musica da server Subsonic. Sfoglia per artista, album (più nuovo/più giocato/più recente giocato/random), brani (stellati/random), e playlist
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[Feature] Search Album
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Kodi plugin to stream, star and download music from Subsonic/Airsonic/Navidrome (requires Subsonic API compatibility)

For feature requests / issues:

Contributions are welcome:

Master branch updated to support Kodi 19 Matrix

Leia compatible version available in alternate branch


  • Browse by artist, albums (newest/most played/recently played/random), tracks (starred/random), and playlists
  • Download songs
  • Star songs
  • Navidrome compatibility added (please report any issues)
  • Scrobble to Last.FM


From repository repository.warwickh (Please report any issues)

From GitHub

  • Click the code button and download
  • Enable unknown sources and install from zip in Kodi


  • Navigate to your .kodi/addons/ folder
  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • (Re)start Kodi.

Note: You will need to enter your server settings into the plugin configuration before use


  • Improve the caching system
  • Search filter GUI for tracks and albums


See the LICENSE file.

Additional copyright notices: