Redirect searches to Ethical Search Engines
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1.3 KiB is a startpage that implements an algorithm capable of distributing all searches performed to search engines that fund humanitarian and environmental actions. Startpage doesn’t contain scripts, doesn’t store search keys, doesn’t perform usage analysis, doesn’t track or profile the user who uses it, doesn’t collect or share data with third parties. It’s the right way, in our opinion, to use the web for free and fund humanitarian and environmental actions at the same time.

Startpage is independent and is in no way connected to either the search engines we use for redirection or any other entity.


  • Add OpenSearch descriptor - opensearch.xml is the search engine descriptor and it will be used by browsers to register as a search engine.


You can support us on

We accept donations only for the maximum value equivalent to the cost of the server, the purpose of the donations is to help us support the basic running expenses. We do not accept higher donations, we cannot sell data because we do not store it.