Una webapp per stampare un codice QR per la connessione al tuo WiFi https://wificard.io/
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WiFi Card


Print a simple card with your WiFi login details. Tape it to the fridge, keep it in your wallet, hang on the wall for guests at home or in the hotel, etc.

wificard This website does not track you

Running locally

Run the official Docker image on http://localhost:8080

make run


  1. Make sure you have yarn installed
  2. Run the live-reload server on http://localhost:3000
    make dev

This project uses Prettier formatting. All pull requests must pass the automated lint checks before merging. Prettier format is run automatically as a pre-commit hook.

Language Contribution Guide

We would love for you to contribute to different languages and help make it even better than it is today! As a language contributor, here are some steps we would like you to follow:

  1. Add a translation to ./src/translations.js. Here's an example of the German translation:

       id: 'de-DE',              // locale code
       name: 'German - Deutsch', // Display name in the format 'latinName - nativeName'
       rtl: false,               // Optional, true if this is a right-to-left language
       translation: {
  2. Append an entry to the Supported Languages table below.

Supported Languages

Language Author Credit
English bndw
Chinese Baoyuantop
Spanish oscfdezdz
Portuguese pedrorenan
Portuguese (Brazil) ismaelpereira
Japanese hatsu38
Russian Teraskull
Ukrainian Teraskull
Dutch wouterbrink
French Divlo
Turkish Riza Ergun
Hindi Pushpender
Catalan aniol
German devofthings
Greek nautilus7
Indonesia nyancodeid
Polish olekstomek
Arabic Ahmed Tokyo
Occitan ensag-dev
Italian Domenico Pascucci
Korean Seungbin Oh
Norwegian tplive
Hungarian munkacsimark
Serbian demanderbag
Urdu mHassan11
Swedish ddund
Thai l2D
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) Dxball
Simplified Cantonese ous50
Punjabi phoenixgill34
Danish dk90103