Un kit moderno ed elegante, per creare siti web in modo semplice e personalizzabile https://jupiterui.codeberg.page/
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An elegant and reliable UI kit for web artisans.

TL;DR Visit jupiterui.codeberg.page and view the Wiki to learn how to use Jupiter.


JupiterUI is a front-end UI kit for modern websites. It provides a comprehensive compilation of many useuful CSS rules. Jupiter makes it easy to get a web project up and running while maintaining modern aesthetic.


  • Built-in, working components by default!
  • Zero dependencies!
  • Excellent customization support out-of-the-box
  • Extension support; so you don't need to modify the source code—only add what you need!
  • Advanced colors and themeing system (Dark & Light mode)
  • Support for any platform. For React projects, you can use JupiterUI-Components
  • Detailed layout system—with lots of support for Flex and Grid layouts.
  • Easily extendable, with support for both CSS and JavaScript extensions.
  • Vivus extension, a library for smooth, highly customizeable (via classnames) animations. Built by us.
  • Tons of configuration options to choose from.
  • (not necessarily a feature per se) released under the MIT license for your flexibility.
  • and much more!


Download Jupiter and view the index.html file (or go to jupiterui.codeberg.page)

View the Wiki to learn how to use Jupiter.


Jupiter is insanely easy to modify. In the Wiki, I've added a few pages on JupiterUI development. You can find the first of these articles here.

If you have any questions or concerns about this project or its trajectory, please email me at: athenacode [at] protonmail [dot] com

Websites made with JupiterUI

Using Jupiter? Submit a PR to add your site to this list.


A very small amount of third-party inspiration and/or code was used in this project.

There are three primary projects to thank: