Un add-on di Kodi per guardare contenuti ospitati su PeerTube. Riprodurre video (compresi i video in diretta) Sfoglia i video su un'istanza Cercare i video su un'istanza Selezionare l'istanza di PeerTube da utilizzare https://peertube.uno
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
PeerTube service to download torrents in the background
Copyright (C) 2018 Cyrille Bollu
Copyright (C) 2021 Thomas Bétous
SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-only
See LICENSE.txt for more information.
import AddonSignals # Module exists only in Kodi - pylint: disable=import-error
from threading import Thread
import xbmc
import xbmcvfs
from resources.lib.kodi_utils import kodi
class PeertubeDownloader(Thread):
A class to download PeerTube torrents in the background
def __init__(self, url, temp_dir):
Initialise a PeertubeDownloader instance for downloading the torrent
specified by url
:param url, temp_dir: str
:return: None
self.torrent = url
self.temp_dir = temp_dir
def debug(self, message):
"""Log a debug message
:param str message: Message to log (will be prefixed with the name of
the class)
kodi.debug(message=message, prefix="PeertubeDownloader")
def run(self):
Download the torrent specified by self.torrent
:param: None
:return: None
self.debug("Opening BitTorent session")
# Open BitTorrent session
ses = libtorrent.session()
ses.listen_on(6881, 6891)
# Add torrent
self.debug("Adding torrent {}".format(self.torrent))
h = ses.add_torrent({"url": self.torrent, "save_path": self.temp_dir})
# Set sequential mode to allow watching while downloading
# Download torrent
self.debug("Downloading torrent {}".format(self.torrent))
signal_sent = 0
while not h.is_seed():
s = h.status()
# Inform addon that all the metadata has been downloaded and that
# it may start playing the torrent
if s.state >=3 and signal_sent == 0:
self.debug("Received all torrent metadata, notifying"
" PeertubeAddon")
i = h.torrent_file()
f = self.temp_dir + i.name()
AddonSignals.sendSignal("metadata_downloaded", {"file": f})
signal_sent = 1
class PeertubeService():
Class used to run a service when Kodi starts
def __init__(self):
PeertubeService initialisation function
# Create our temporary directory
self.temp = "{}{}".format(xbmc.translatePath("special://temp"),
if not xbmcvfs.exists(self.temp):
def debug(self, message):
"""Log a debug message
:param str message: Message to log (will be prefixed with the name of
the class)
kodi.debug(message=message, prefix="PeertubeService")
def download_torrent(self, data):
Start a downloader thread to download torrent specified by data["url"]
:param data: dict
:return: None
self.debug("Received a start_download signal")
downloader = PeertubeDownloader(data["url"], self.temp)
def run(self):
Main loop of the PeertubeService class
It registers the start_download signal to start a PeertubeDownloader
thread when needed, and exit when Kodi is shutting down.
# Launch the download_torrent callback function when the
# "start_download" signal is received
# Monitor Kodi's shutdown signal
self.debug("Service started, waiting for signals")
if kodi.get_setting("service_start_notif") == "true":
monitor = xbmc.Monitor()
while not monitor.abortRequested():
if monitor.waitForAbort(1):
# Abort was requested while waiting. We must exit
# TODO: Clean temporary directory
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Create a PeertubeService instance
service = PeertubeService()
# Import libtorrent here to manage when the library is not installed
from python_libtorrent import libtorrent
except ImportError as exception:
service.debug("The libtorrent library could not be imported because of"
" the following error:\n{}".format(exception))
# Save whether libtorrent could be imported as a window property so that
# this information can be retrieved by the add-on
kodi.set_property("libtorrent_imported", str(LIBTORRENT_IMPORTED))
# Start the service