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I have created this simple template with React, so that I have a ready-made base to start developing my projects. This way I can save time and be more productive.

Write to me on Github with an issue or a pull request if you want to contribute to making the template more efficient, stable, and up-to-date.

What I used

  • React, react-dom, react-router-dom
  • Tailwindcss, Postcss, Autoprefix
  • Babel with all necessary packages and plugins
  • Webpack with all necessary packages and plugins

How the template is structured

Very simply, there is a /public folder with an index.html file and a /src folder containing the React app.

The flow starts with the index to initialize React, then passes through the router and sends to the Homepage component with a simple hello world. In addition, there is the NotFound component for the 404 error.

Install and use:

npm i -g mawi-react-app
npx mawi-react-app project-name
cd project-name
npm install
npm start

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