28 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thomas cebce4bec6 google fcm 1 month ago
  Thomas f7702ecc12 unifiedpush - first changes 1 month ago
  Thomas f4bdfcf8bb Check lib that can be upgraded without affecting the app. 3 months ago
  Thomas e5570b2d10 Some fixes with quick replies 9 months ago
  Thomas 3f27dc97d3 Release 2.35.5 10 months ago
  tom79 62fd00c871 Fix crash when playing youtube videos 1 year ago
  tom79 4fcf8d5283 Some cleaning 1 year ago
  tom79 26a3633a81 Some fixes with dialogs 1 year ago
  tom79 30d4d2e911 Upgrade libs 1 year ago
  tom79 2187b3a990 Fix remove/add list 1 year ago
  tom79 1e3b91e7b3 some fixes 1 year ago
  tom79 aadcb5a63b Remove donation links for Google Release 1 year ago
  tom79 d6ef3e4382 Some changes 2 years ago
  tom79 f27d780948 Fix mention 2 years ago
  PhotonQyv f95674bf1f Updated to newer AndroidStudio version. 2 years ago
  stom79 4e998c5d26 Prepares fixes 2 years ago
  stom79 0815c427ff upgrade dependencies 2 years ago
  PhotonQyv 2dff915a3c Having updated to new Android Studio version, Gradle Tools and buildToolsVersion needed a tweak. 2 years ago
  stom79 74d67fbe43 Adds a release for tests 2 years ago
  PhotonQyv 908d2a0144 Updated Gradle build tools version. 2 years ago
  PhotonQyv b243ed28db Updated to new version of Android Studio (Gradle), 3.1.2. 3 years ago
  PhotonQyv be7e48c3e8 Updated to newer version of Android Studio (3.1.1). 3 years ago
  PhotonQyv 7abef64b79 Updated to Android Studio 3.1, and Gradle 4.4. 3 years ago
  PhotonQyv 233507e1f5 Updated to Android Studio 3.0.1 (Gradle 3.0.1). 3 years ago
  stom79 3bf98eff19 Upgrades to Android Studio 3 3 years ago
  tom79 8435c1dced Prepares release 1.2.9 3 years ago
  tom79 760a8451ea Improves login page (no longer requires webview component) 3 years ago
  tom79 c4ea4943d6 initial commit 4 years ago