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@ -1,8 +1,3 @@
# scroll.py
# Copied from the stig project by rndusr@github
# https://github.com/rndusr/stig
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
@ -36,12 +31,12 @@ class Scrollable(urwid.WidgetDecoration):
def selectable(self):
return True
def __init__(self, widget):
def __init__(self, widget, force_forward_keypress = False):
"""Box widget that makes a fixed or flow widget vertically scrollable
TODO: Focusable widgets are handled, including switching focus, but
possibly not intuitively, depending on the arrangement of widgets. When
switching focus to a widget that is outside of the visible part of the
switching focus to a widget that is ouside of the visible part of the
original widget, the canvas scrolls up/down to the focused widget. It
would be better to scroll until the next focusable widget is in sight
first. But for that to work we must somehow obtain a list of focusable
@ -54,6 +49,7 @@ class Scrollable(urwid.WidgetDecoration):
self._forward_keypress = None
self._old_cursor_coords = None
self._rows_max_cached = 0
self.force_forward_keypress = force_forward_keypress
def render(self, size, focus=False):
@ -111,6 +107,51 @@ class Scrollable(urwid.WidgetDecoration):
if canv_full.cursor is not None:
# Full canvas contains the cursor, but scrolled out of view
self._forward_keypress = False
# Reset cursor position on page/up down scrolling
if hasattr(ow, "automove_cursor_on_scroll") and ow.automove_cursor_on_scroll:
pwi = 0
ch = 0
last_hidden = False
first_visible = False
for w,o in ow.contents:
wcanv = w.render((maxcol,))
wh = wcanv.rows()
if wh:
ch += wh
if not last_hidden and ch >= self._trim_top:
last_hidden = True
elif last_hidden:
if not first_visible:
first_visible = True
if w.selectable():
ow.focus_item = pwi
st = None
nf = ow.get_focus()
if hasattr(nf, "key_timeout"):
st = nf
elif hasattr(nf, "original_widget"):
no = nf.original_widget
if hasattr(no, "original_widget"):
st = no.original_widget
if hasattr(no, "key_timeout"):
st = no
if st and hasattr(st, "key_timeout") and hasattr(st, "keypress") and callable(st.keypress):
st.keypress(None, None)
pwi += 1
except Exception as e:
# Original widget does not have a cursor, but may be selectable
@ -132,7 +173,7 @@ class Scrollable(urwid.WidgetDecoration):
def keypress(self, size, key):
# Maybe offer key to original widget
if self._forward_keypress:
if self._forward_keypress or self.force_forward_keypress:
ow = self._original_widget
ow_size = self._get_original_widget_size(size)
@ -216,7 +257,7 @@ class Scrollable(urwid.WidgetDecoration):
# If the cursor was moved by the most recent keypress, adjust trim_top
# so that the new cursor position is within the displayed canvas part.
# But don't do this if the cursor is at the top/bottom edge so we can still scroll out
if self._old_cursor_coords is not None and self._old_cursor_coords != canv.cursor:
if self._old_cursor_coords is not None and self._old_cursor_coords != canv.cursor and canv.cursor != None:
self._old_cursor_coords = None
curscol, cursrow = canv.cursor
if cursrow < self._trim_top:
@ -227,10 +268,10 @@ class Scrollable(urwid.WidgetDecoration):
def _get_original_widget_size(self, size):
ow = self._original_widget
sizing = ow.sizing()
if FIXED in sizing:
return ()
elif FLOW in sizing:
if FLOW in sizing:
return (size[0],)
elif FIXED in sizing:
return ()
def get_scrollpos(self, size=None, focus=False):
"""Current scrolling position
@ -416,7 +457,10 @@ class ScrollBar(urwid.WidgetDecoration):
if not handled and hasattr(ow, 'set_scrollpos'):
if button == 4: # scroll wheel up
pos = ow.get_scrollpos(ow_size)
ow.set_scrollpos(pos - 1)
newpos = pos - 1
if newpos < 0:
newpos = 0
return True
elif button == 5: # scroll wheel down
pos = ow.get_scrollpos(ow_size)