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This file contains invisible Unicode characters

This file contains invisible Unicode characters that are indistinguishable to humans but may be processed differently by a computer. If you think that this is intentional, you can safely ignore this warning. Use the Escape button to reveal them.

This file contains Unicode characters that might be confused with other characters. If you think that this is intentional, you can safely ignore this warning. Use the Escape button to reveal them.

00A1 !! ¡ inverted exclamation mark
00A2 c$ ¢ cent sign
00A3 l$ £ pound sign
00A4 g$ ¤ currency sign
00A5 y$ ¥ yen sign
00A6 || ¦ broken vertical bar
00A7 SS § section sign
00A8 "" ¨ spacing diaeresis
00A9 Oc cO © copyright sign
00AA sa ª feminine ordinal indicator
00AB << « left pointing guillemet
00AC no ¬ not sign
00AD -- ­ soft hyphen
00AE Or rO ® registered trade mark sign
00AF __ ¯ spacing macron
00B0 de ° degree sign
00B1 +- ± plus-or-minus sign
00B2 s2 ² superscript digit two
00B3 s3 ³ superscript digit three
00B4 '' ´ spacing acute
00B5 mi µ micro sign
00B6 pg ¶ paragraph sign
00B7 .. · middle dot
00B8 ,, ¸ spacing cedilla
00B9 s1 ¹ superscript digit one
00BA so º masculine ordinal indicator
00BB >> » right pointing guillemet
00BC 14 ¼ fraction one quarter
00BD 12 ½ fraction one half
00BE 34 ¾ fraction three quarters
00BF ?? ¿ inverted question mark
00C0 `A À latin capital letter a grave
00C1 'A Á latin capital letter a acute
00C2 ^A Â latin capital letter a circumflex
00C3 ~A Ã latin capital letter a tilde
00C4 "A Ä latin capital letter a diaeresis
00C5 oA Å latin capital letter a ring
00C6 AE Æ latin capital letter a e
00C7 ,C Ç latin capital letter c cedilla
00C8 `E È latin capital letter e grave
00C9 'E É latin capital letter e acute
00CA ^E Ê latin capital letter e circumflex
00CB "E Ë latin capital letter e diaeresis
00CC `I Ì latin capital letter i grave
00CD 'I Í latin capital letter i acute
00CE ^I Î latin capital letter i circumflex
00CF "I Ï latin capital letter i diaeresis
00D0 -D D- Ð latin capital letter eth
00D1 ~N Ñ latin capital letter n tilde
00D2 `O Ò latin capital letter o grave
00D3 'O Ó latin capital letter o acute
00D4 ^O Ô latin capital letter o circumflex
00D5 ~O Õ latin capital letter o tilde
00D6 "O Ö latin capital letter o diaeresis
00D7 mu × multiplication sign
00D8 /O Ø latin capital letter o slash
00D9 `U Ù latin capital letter u grave
00DA 'U Ú latin capital letter u acute
00DB ^U Û latin capital letter u circumflex
00DC "U Ü latin capital letter u diaeresis
00DD 'Y Ý latin capital letter y acute
00DE |P Þ latin capital letter thorn
00DF ss ß latin small letter sharp s
00E0 `a à latin small letter a grave
00E1 'a á latin small letter a acute
00E2 ^a â latin small letter a circumflex
00E3 ~a ã latin small letter a tilde
00E4 "a ä latin small letter a diaeresis
00E5 oa å latin small letter a ring
00E6 ae æ latin small letter a e
00E7 ,c ç latin small letter c cedilla
00E8 `e è latin small letter e grave
00E9 'e é latin small letter e acute
00EA ^e ê latin small letter e circumflex
00EB "e ë latin small letter e diaeresis
00EC `i ì latin small letter i grave
00ED 'i í latin small letter i acute
00EE ^i î latin small letter i circumflex
00EF "i ï latin small letter i diaeresis
00F0 -d d- ð latin small letter eth
00F1 ~n ñ latin small letter n tilde
00F2 `o ò latin small letter o grave
00F3 'o ó latin small letter o acute
00F4 ^o ô latin small letter o circumflex
00F5 ~o õ latin small letter o tilde
00F6 "o ö latin small letter o diaeresis
00F7 -: :- ÷ division sign
00F8 /o ø latin small letter o slash
00F9 `u ù latin small letter u grave
00FA 'u ú latin small letter u acute
00FB ^u û latin small letter u circumflex
00FC "u ü latin small letter u diaeresis
00FD 'y ý latin small letter y acute
00FE |p þ latin small letter thorn
00FF "y ÿ latin small letter y diaeresis
0100 _A Ā latin capital letter a macron
0101 _a ā latin small letter a macron
0102 uA Ă latin capital letter a breve
0104 ,A Ą latin capital letter a ogonek
0105 ,a ą latin small letter a ogonek
0106 'C Ć latin capital letter c acute
0107 'c ć latin small letter c acute
0108 ^C Ĉ latin capital letter c circumflex
0109 ^c ĉ latin small letter c circumflex
010A .C Ċ latin capital letter c dot
010B .c ċ latin small letter c dot
010C vC Č latin capital letter c hacek
010D vc č latin small letter c hacek
010E vD Ď latin capital letter d hacek
010F vd ď latin small letter d hacek
0112 _E Ē latin capital letter e macron
0113 _e ē latin small letter e macron
0114 uE Ĕ latin capital letter e breve
0115 ue ĕ latin small letter e breve
0116 .E Ė latin capital letter e dot
0117 .e ė latin small letter e dot
0118 ,E Ę latin capital letter e ogonek
0119 ,e ę latin small letter e ogonek
011A vE Ě latin capital letter e hacek
011B ve ě latin small letter e hacek
011C ^G Ĝ latin capital letter g circumflex
011D ^g ĝ latin small letter g circumflex
011E uG Ğ latin capital letter g breve
011F ug ğ latin small letter g breve
0120 .G Ġ latin capital letter g dot
0121 .g ġ latin small letter g dot
0122 ,G Ģ latin capital letter g cedilla
0123 'g ,g ģ latin small letter g cedilla
0124 ^H Ĥ latin capital letter h circumflex
0125 ^h ĥ latin small letter h circumflex
0126 -H H- Ħ latin capital letter h bar
0128 ~I Ĩ latin capital letter i tilde
0129 ~i ĩ latin small letter i tilde
012A _I Ī latin capital letter i macron
012B _i ī latin small letter i macron
012C uI Ĭ latin capital letter i breve
012D ui ĭ latin small letter i breve
012E ,I Į latin capital letter i ogonek
012F ,i į latin small letter i ogonek
0130 .I İ latin capital letter i dot
0131 i ı latin small letter dotless i
0132 IJ IJ latin capital letter i j
0133 ij ij latin small letter i j
0134 ^J Ĵ latin capital letter j circumflex
0135 ^j ĵ latin small letter j circumflex
0136 ,K Ķ latin capital letter k cedilla
0137 ,k ķ latin small letter k cedilla
0139 'L Ĺ latin capital letter l acute
013A 'l ĺ latin small letter l acute
013B ,L Ļ latin capital letter l cedilla
013C ,l ļ latin small letter l cedilla
013D vL Ľ latin capital letter l hacek
013E vl ľ latin small letter l hacek
013F .L Ŀ latin capital letter l with middle dot
0140 .l ŀ latin small letter l with middle dot
0141 -L L- Ł latin capital letter l slash
0142 -l l- ł latin small letter l slash
0143 'N Ń latin capital letter n acute
0144 'n ń latin small letter n acute
0145 ,N Ņ latin capital letter n cedilla
0146 ,n ņ latin small letter n cedilla
0147 vN Ň latin capital letter n hacek
0148 vn ň latin small letter n hacek
014C _O Ō latin capital letter o macron
014D _o ō latin small letter o macron
014E uO Ŏ latin capital letter o breve
014F uo ŏ latin small letter o breve
0152 OE Πlatin capital letter o e
0153 oe œ latin small letter o e
0154 'R Ŕ latin capital letter r acute
0155 'r ŕ latin small letter r acute
0156 ,R Ŗ latin capital letter r cedilla
0157 ,r ŗ latin small letter r cedilla
0158 vR Ř latin capital letter r hacek
0159 vr ř latin small letter r hacek
015A 'S Ś latin capital letter s acute
015B 's ś latin small letter s acute
015C ^S Ŝ latin capital letter s circumflex
015D ^s ŝ latin small letter s circumflex
015E ,S Ş latin capital letter s cedilla
015F ,s ş latin small letter s cedilla
0160 vS Š latin capital letter s hacek
0161 vs š latin small letter s hacek
0162 ,T Ţ latin capital letter t cedilla
0163 ,t ţ latin small letter t cedilla
0164 vT Ť latin capital letter t hacek
0165 vt ť latin small letter t hacek
0166 -T T- Ŧ latin capital letter t bar
0167 -t t- ŧ latin small letter t bar
0168 ~U Ũ latin capital letter u tilde
0169 ~u ũ latin small letter u tilde
016A _U Ū latin capital letter u macron
016B _u ū latin small letter u macron
016C uU Ŭ latin capital letter u breve
016D uu ŭ latin small letter u breve
016E oU Ů latin capital letter u ring
016F ou ů latin small letter u ring
0172 ,U Ų latin capital letter u ogonek
0173 ,u ų latin small letter u ogonek
0174 ^W Ŵ latin capital letter w circumflex
0175 ^w ŵ latin small letter w circumflex
0176 ^Y Ŷ latin capital letter y circumflex
0177 ^y ŷ latin small letter y circumflex
0178 "Y Ÿ latin capital letter y diaeresis
0179 'Z Ź latin capital letter z acute
017A 'z ź latin small letter z acute
017B .Z Ż latin capital letter z dot
017C .z ż latin small letter z dot
017D vZ Ž latin capital letter z hacek
017E vz ž latin small letter z hacek
0180 -b ƀ latin small letter b bar
0192 $f ƒ latin small letter script f
0195 hv ƕ latin small letter h v
0197 -I I- Ɨ latin capital letter barred i
019B -*l ƛ latin small letter barred lambda
01A2 OI Ƣ latin capital letter o i
01A3 oi ƣ latin small letter o i
01A6 YR Ʀ latin letter y r
01B2 $V Ʋ latin capital letter script v
01B5 -Z Z- Ƶ latin capital letter z bar
01B6 -z z- ƶ latin small letter z bar
01BB -2 2- ƻ latin letter two bar
01C4 DvZ DŽ latin capital letter d z hacek
01C5 Dvz Dž latin letter capital d small z hacek
01C6 dvz dž latin small letter d z hacek
01C7 LJ LJ latin capital letter l j
01C8 Lj Lj latin letter capital l small j
01C9 lj lj latin small letter l j
01CA NJ NJ latin capital letter n j
01CB Nj Nj latin letter capital n small j
01CC nj nj latin small letter n j
01CD vA Ǎ latin capital letter a hacek
01CE va ǎ latin small letter a hacek
01CF vI Ǐ latin capital letter i hacek
01D0 vi ǐ latin small letter i hacek
01D1 vO Ǒ latin capital letter o hacek
01D2 vo ǒ latin small letter o hacek
01D3 vU Ǔ latin capital letter u hacek
01D4 vu ǔ latin small letter u hacek
01D5 _"U Ǖ latin capital letter u diaeresis macron
01D6 _"u ǖ latin small letter u diaeresis macron
01D7 '"U Ǘ latin capital letter u diaeresis acute
01D8 '"u ǘ latin small letter u diaeresis acute
01D9 v"U Ǚ latin capital letter u diaeresis hacek
01DA v"u ǚ latin small letter u diaeresis hacek
01DB `"U Ǜ latin capital letter u diaeresis grave
01DC `"u ǜ latin small letter u diaeresis grave
01DE _"A Ǟ latin capital letter a diaeresis macron
01DF _"a ǟ latin small letter a diaeresis macron
01E0 _.A Ǡ latin capital letter a dot macron
01E1 _.a ǡ latin small letter a dot macron
01E4 -G G- Ǥ latin capital letter g bar
01E5 -g g- ǥ latin small letter g bar
01E6 vG Ǧ latin capital letter g hacek
01E7 vg ǧ latin small letter g hacek
01E8 vK Ǩ latin capital letter k hacek
01E9 vk ǩ latin small letter k hacek
01EA ,O Ǫ latin capital letter o ogonek
01EB ,o ǫ latin small letter o ogonek
01EC _,O Ǭ latin capital letter o ogonek macron
01ED _,o ǭ latin small letter o ogonek macron
01F0 vj ǰ latin small letter j hacek
0251 $a ɑ latin small letter script a
0268 -i i- ɨ latin small letter barred i
0289 -u u- ʉ latin small letter u bar
028B $v ʋ latin small letter script v
02A3 dz ʣ latin small letter d z
0391 *A Α greek capital letter alpha
0392 *B Β greek capital letter beta
0393 *G Γ greek capital letter gamma
0394 *D Δ greek capital letter delta
0395 *E Ε greek capital letter epsilon
0396 *Z Ζ greek capital letter zeta
0397 *Y Η greek capital letter eta
0398 *H Θ greek capital letter theta
0399 *I Ι greek capital letter iota
039A *K Κ greek capital letter kappa
039B *L Λ greek capital letter lambda
039C *M Μ greek capital letter mu
039D *N Ν greek capital letter nu
039E *C Ξ greek capital letter xi
039F *O Ο greek capital letter omicron
03A0 *P Π greek capital letter pi
03A1 *R Ρ greek capital letter rho
03A3 *S Σ greek capital letter sigma
03A4 *T Τ greek capital letter tau
03A5 *U Υ greek capital letter upsilon
03A6 *F Φ greek capital letter phi
03A7 *X Χ greek capital letter chi
03A8 *Q Ψ greek capital letter psi
03A9 *W Ω greek capital letter omega
03AA "*I Ϊ greek capital letter iota diaeresis
03AB "*U Ϋ greek capital letter upsilon diaeresis
03B1 *a α greek small letter alpha
03B2 *b β greek small letter beta
03B3 *g γ greek small letter gamma
03B4 *d δ greek small letter delta
03B5 *e ε greek small letter epsilon
03B6 *z ζ greek small letter zeta
03B7 *y η greek small letter eta
03B8 *h θ greek small letter theta
03B9 *i ι greek small letter iota
03BA *k κ greek small letter kappa
03BB *l λ greek small letter lambda
03BC *m μ greek small letter mu
03BD *n ν greek small letter nu
03BE *c ξ greek small letter xi
03BF *o ο greek small letter omicron
03C0 *p π greek small letter pi
03C1 *r ρ greek small letter rho
03C2 ts ς greek small letter final sigma
03C3 *s σ greek small letter sigma
03C4 *t τ greek small letter tau
03C5 *u υ greek small letter upsilon
03C6 *f φ greek small letter phi
03C7 *x χ greek small letter chi
03C8 *q ψ greek small letter psi
03C9 *w ω greek small letter omega
03CA "*i ϊ greek small letter iota diaeresis
03CB "*u ϋ greek small letter upsilon diaeresis
03D1 $*h ϑ greek small letter script theta
03D5 $*f ϕ greek small letter script phi
03F0 $*k ϰ greek small letter script kappa
0401 @YO @Yo Ё cyrillic capital letter io
0410 @A А cyrillic capital letter a
0411 @B Б cyrillic capital letter be
0412 @V В cyrillic capital letter ve
0413 @G Г cyrillic capital letter ge
0414 @D Д cyrillic capital letter de
0415 @@E @YE @Ye Е cyrillic capital letter ie
0416 @ZH @Zh Ж cyrillic capital letter zhe
0417 @@Z З cyrillic capital letter ze
0418 @I И cyrillic capital letter ii
0419 @J Й cyrillic capital letter short ii
041A @@K К cyrillic capital letter ka
041B @L Л cyrillic capital letter el
041C @M М cyrillic capital letter em
041D @N Н cyrillic capital letter en
041E @O О cyrillic capital letter o
041F @P П cyrillic capital letter pe
0420 @R Р cyrillic capital letter er
0421 @@S С cyrillic capital letter es
0422 @@T Т cyrillic capital letter te
0423 @U У cyrillic capital letter u
0424 @F Ф cyrillic capital letter ef
0425 @KH @Kh @X Х cyrillic capital letter kha
0426 @TS @Ts Ц cyrillic capital letter tse
0427 @CH @Ch Ч cyrillic capital letter che
0428 @SH @Sh Ш cyrillic capital letter sha
0429 @SC @Sc Щ cyrillic capital letter shcha
042B @@Y Ы cyrillic capital letter yeri
042D @EH @Eh Э cyrillic capital letter reversed e
042E @YU @Yu Ю cyrillic capital letter iu
042F @YA @Ya Я cyrillic capital letter ia
0430 @a а cyrillic small letter a
0431 @b б cyrillic small letter be
0432 @v в cyrillic small letter ve
0433 @g г cyrillic small letter ge
0434 @d д cyrillic small letter de
0435 @@e @ye е cyrillic small letter ie
0436 @zh ж cyrillic small letter zhe
0437 @@z з cyrillic small letter ze
0438 @i и cyrillic small letter ii
0439 @j й cyrillic small letter short ii
043A @@k к cyrillic small letter ka
043B @l л cyrillic small letter el
043C @m м cyrillic small letter em
043D @n н cyrillic small letter en
043E @o о cyrillic small letter o
043F @p п cyrillic small letter pe
0440 @r р cyrillic small letter er
0441 @@s с cyrillic small letter es
0442 @@t т cyrillic small letter te
0443 @u у cyrillic small letter u
0444 @f ф cyrillic small letter ef
0445 @kh @x х cyrillic small letter kha
0446 @ts ц cyrillic small letter tse
0447 @ch ч cyrillic small letter che
0448 @sh ш cyrillic small letter sha
0449 @sc щ cyrillic small letter shcha
044A @'' ъ cyrillic small letter hard sign
044B @@y ы cyrillic small letter yeri
044C @@' ь cyrillic small letter soft sign
044D @eh э cyrillic small letter reversed e
044E @yu ю cyrillic small letter iu
044F @ya я cyrillic small letter ia
0451 @yo ё cyrillic small letter io
2013 en en dash
2014 em — em dash
2018 l' single turned comma quotation mark
2019 r' single comma quotation mark
201C l" “ double turned comma quotation mark
201D r" ” double comma quotation mark
2020 dg † dagger
2021 dd ‡ double dagger
2022 bu • bullet
2024 1. one dot leader
2025 2. ‥ two dot leader
2026 3. … horizontal ellipsis
203D !? ?! ‽ interrobang
2070 s0 ⁰ superscript digit zero
2074 s4 ⁴ superscript digit four
2075 s5 ⁵ superscript digit five
2076 s6 ⁶ superscript digit six
2077 s7 ⁷ superscript digit seven
2078 s8 ⁸ superscript digit eight
2079 s9 ⁹ superscript digit nine
207A s+ ⁺ superscript plus sign
207B s- ⁻ superscript hyphen-minus
207C s= ⁼ superscript equals sign
207D s( ⁽ superscript opening parenthesis
207E s) ⁾ superscript closing parenthesis
207F sn ⁿ superscript latin small letter n
2080 b0 ₀ subscript digit zero
2081 b1 ₁ subscript digit one
2082 b2 ₂ subscript digit two
2083 b3 ₃ subscript digit three
2084 b4 ₄ subscript digit four
2085 b5 ₅ subscript digit five
2086 b6 ₆ subscript digit six
2087 b7 ₇ subscript digit seven
2088 b8 ₈ subscript digit eight
2089 b9 ₉ subscript digit nine
208A b+ ₊ subscript plus sign
208B b- ₋ subscript hyphen-minus
208C b= ₌ subscript equals sign
208D b( ₍ subscript opening parenthesis
208E b) ₎ subscript closing parenthesis
20AC e$ € euro symbol
2102 CC double-struck capital c
210A $g script small g
210B $H script capital h
210D HH double-struck capital h
210F -h h- ℏ planck constant over 2 pi
2110 $I script capital i
2112 $L script capital l
2113 $l script small l
2115 NN double-struck capital n
2117 Op pO ℗ sound recording copyright
2118 $p ℘ script p
2119 PP double-struck capital p
211A QQ double-struck capital q
211B $R script capital r
211D RR double-struck capital r
2122 tm ™ trademark
2124 ZZ double-struck capital z
212C $B script capital b
212F $e script small e
2130 $E script capital e
2131 $F script capital f
2133 $M script capital m
2134 $o script small o
2153 13 ⅓ fraction one third
2154 23 ⅔ fraction two thirds
2155 15 ⅕ fraction one fifth
2156 25 ⅖ fraction two fifths
2157 35 ⅗ fraction three fifths
2158 45 ⅘ fraction four fifths
2159 16 ⅙ fraction one sixth
215A 56 ⅚ fraction five sixths
215B 18 ⅛ fraction one eighth
215C 38 ⅜ fraction three eighths
215D 58 ⅝ fraction five eighths
215E 78 ⅞ fraction seven eighths
2190 <- ← left arrow
2191 ua ↑ up arrow
2192 -> → right arrow
2193 da ↓ down arrow
2194 ab ↔ left right arrow
21D0 V= ⇐ left double arrow
21D2 =V ⇒ right double arrow
2200 fa ∀ for all
2202 pd ∂ partial differential
2203 te ∃ there exists
2205 es ∅ empty set
2206 De ∆ increment
2207 gr ∇ nabla
2208 mo ∈ element of
2209 !m ∉ not an element of
220D st ∍ small contains as member
220F pr ∏ n-ary product
2211 su ∑ n-ary summation
2213 -+ ∓ minus-or-plus sign
2217 ** asterisk operator
2219 bo ∙ bullet operator
221A sr √ square root
221D pt ∝ proportional to
221E if ∞ infinity
2220 an ∠ angle
2227 l& ∧ logical and
2228 l| logical or
2229 ca ∩ intersection
222A cu union
222B is ∫ integral
2234 tf ∴ therefore
2242 -~ ≂ minus tilde
2243 ~- ≃ asymptotically equal to
2244 !~- ≄ not asymptotically equal to
2245 cg ~= ≅ approximately equal to
2246 ~!= ≆ approximately but not actually equal to
2247 !~= ≇ neither approximately nor actually equal to
2248 ~~ ≈ almost equal to
2249 !~~ ≉ not almost equal to
2254 := ≔ colon equal
2255 =: ≕ equal colon
2260 != ≠ not equal to
2261 == ≡ identical to
2264 <= ≤ less than or equal to
2265 >= ≥ greater than or equal to
2268 <!= ≨ less than but not equal to
2269 >!= ≩ greater than but not equal to
226E !< ≮ not less than
226F !> ≯ not greater than
2272 <~ ≲ less than or equivalent to
2273 >~ ≳ greater than or equivalent to
2276 <> ≶ less than or greater than
2277 >< ≷ greater than or less than
2282 sb ⊂ subset of
2283 sp ⊃ superset of
2284 !b ⊄ not a subset of
2285 !p ⊅ not a superset of
2286 ib ⊆ subset of or equal to
2287 ip ⊇ superset of or equal to
2295 +O O+ ⊕ circled plus
2296 -O O- ⊖ circled minus
2297 Ox xO ⊗ circled times
2298 O/ ⊘ circled division slash
2299 .O O. ⊙ circled dot operator
229A Oo oO ⊚ circled ring operator
229B O* ⊛ circled asterisk operator
229C =O O= ⊜ circled equals
22A2 tu ⊢ right tack
22A8 Tu ⊨ true
22C0 L& ⋀ n-ary logical and
22C1 L| n-ary logical or
22C2 CA ⋂ n-ary intersection
22C3 CU n-ary union
22C4 lz ⋄ diamond operator
22DC =< ⋜ equal to or less than
22DD => ⋝ equal to or greater than
22E6 <!~ ⋦ less than but not equivalent to
22E7 >!~ ⋧ greater than but not equivalent to
22EF el ⋯ midline horizontal ellipsis
2423 ␣ open box, visible space
2605 P* ★ pentagram
2620 X( ☠ skull face
2622 TF ☢ trefoil
262D SU ☭ hammer and sickle
2639 :( ☹ sad face
263A :) ☺ smiley face
2654 wk ♔ white chess king
2655 wq ♕ white chess queen
2656 wr ♖ white chess rook
2657 wb ♗ white chess bishop
2658 wn ♘ white chess knight
2659 wp ♙ white chess pawn
265A bk ♚ black chess king
265B bq ♛ black chess queen
265C br ♜ black chess rook
265D bb ♝ black chess bishop
265E bn ♞ black chess knight
265F bp ♟ black chess pawn
2665 <3 ♥ heart
2669 M4 ♩ music quarter note
266a M8 ♪ music eighth note
266d Mb ♭ music flat
266e M# ♮ music natural
266f Ms ♯ music sharp
2713 cm ✓ check mark
27e8 d< ⟨ mathematical left angle bracket
27e9 d> ⟩ mathematical right angle bracket
F015 ZA  raw alt (plan 9 specific)
F016 ZS  raw shift (plan 9 specific)
F017 ZC  raw ctl (plan 9 specific)