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# This script run the rc build scripts passed as arguments
# after moving in their directory.
# If passed a directory, it will look for a build script named
# `{basename $PWD} and run it instead.
# If invoked with no arguments it will assume $PWD as argument
# NOTE: this script is run both fron Jehanne and from UNIX during
# cross compilation (through the sh wrapper in hacking/bin/build)
# thus it should not explicitly check $status as exit codes
# work differently in UNIX and Jehanne.
if (~ $#args 0)
for (script in $args){
if (test -d $script){
if (~ $script $JEHANNE){
if not {
target=`{basename $script}
if not {
rundir=`{dirname $script}
script=`{basename $script}
echo $rundir/$script
@{cd $rundir; . $JEHANNE/arch/rc/lib/build/utils.rc; cat $script|rc -v -e >[2=1]|sed 's/^/ /'}