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## Hacking
Jehanne is a work in progress.
Forks and pull requests are welcome.
Jehanne is a work in progress.
In [doc/hacking](./doc/hacking/) you will find all you
need to know about its principles, design and weirdness.
The limited amount of time that I can dedicate to its development and the
[pending licensing issues]( made me
realize that Jehanne is really a **personal** Research OS, as it was correctly defined,
years ago, by [Aiju](
So I decided to adopt the [contribution strategy](
of a more mature OS, like [TuaruOS]( is: contributions in the form of code should be discussed in advance.
Feel free to [reach me on the Fediverse](!
However, if you really want to contribute to Jehanne, my suggestion is to contribute to [9front]( first:
9front is the most mature and stable among Plan 9's evolutions, it's developed by great hackers with a [great sense of humor]( :-D
Contributing to 9front will be much more fun and formative than contributing to Jehanne, and I will happily port your code when ready.
There's a lot of work to do, in every area of the system.
To coordinate our efforts, please use gitea issues.
[simplicity]: "What is simplicity?"