Jehanne Operating System
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  1. # Social goals of Jehanne
  2. Jehanne is an educational tool: I want to empower people by
  3. turning them to hackers.
  4. To this aim I want to build the simplest possible distributed
  5. operating system that can provide all the services people expect
  6. from a modern operating system and much more. This way, everybody
  7. will be able to read and understand its internals and to code
  8. their own tools for it.
  9. As a research tool, it want to challenge as many well established
  10. assumptions as possible, such as the need of POSIX semantics at
  11. kernel level.
  12. It also want to bring new ideas to OS research, expanding the
  13. Overton window in this field.
  14. I want its distributed design and protocol to challenge the Web,
  15. increasing the ability of people to securely compose remote
  16. applications without leaking personal data.