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Chaze in the Maze (Or... Digital Tag)

A XC-BASIC3 demo where you control a white asterisk, the Computer controls a little red face, and both of you are placed in a maze. Oh, and the Computer chases you 😃



  • Wall following
  • Main trick is Walter D. Pullen's Chain Algorithm, from his Daedalus program (see the Algorithms page, and the Daedalus page)
  • Use of Bresenham's Line Algorithm (taken almost verbatim from the Wikipedia page)
  • Uncomment the DEBUG lines to have a hint at how the path is roughly found


  • The XC-BASIC3 compiler, basically 😁
  • If you just want to try the demo, there's a D64 file you can throw straight at your favourite emulator, or even the real thing!

Post-mortem notes

If I see some interest in this project I'll add some production notes regarding this little program of mine (originally made on FreeBASIC, where I spent two months and a half, in the spare time, later converted to XC-BASIC 2 and now to XC-BASIC 3).

Right now the source is not that commented (I wanted to see this online ASAP), but I'll probably add proper comments later 🙂

Some maps I drew "by hand" by using Notepad++ and then removing all the CRLF characters and inserting the start address ($0400) at the beginning of the map file. MAZE and CAVERN were created and adapted with the Daedalus program, while SLOTRACE comes from an old Atari 2600 game, Slot Racers.