Ultrasonic è un client Android per lo streaming di musica gratuito e open source per Subsonic. Implementazioni API Subsonic supportate: Subsonic, Airsonic, Supysonic, Funkwhale, Ampache. Altre implementazioni dell'API Subsonic dovrebbero andare https://funkwhale.it
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Ultrasonic development is a community project, and contributions are welcomed.

First, see if your issue haven’t been yet reported here, then, please, first discuss the change you wish to make via a new issue.

Contributing Translations

Interested in help to translate Ultrasonic? You can contribute in our Transifex team.

Contributing Code

By default Pull Request should be opened against develop branch, PR against master branch should be used only for critical bugfixes.

Here are a few guidelines you should follow before submitting:

  1. License Acceptance: All contributions must be licensed as GNU GPLv3 to be accepted. Use git commit --signoff to acknowledge this.
  2. App is migrating to Kotlin programming language: new Pull Requests should be written in this programming language.
  3. No Breakage: New features or changes to existing ones must not degrade the user experience.
  4. Coding standards: best-practices should be followed, comment generously, and avoid "clever" algorithms. Refactoring existing messes is great, but watch out for breakage.
  5. No large PR: Try to limit the scope of PR only to the related issue, so it will be easier to review and test.

Pull Request Process

  1. Ensure all commits are signed-off.
  2. Check tests for the new code are added.
  3. Check code style is passing.
  4. Check code static analysis is passing.