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### :moneybag: Sponsoring
The program is free software, released under GPL. If you like this program and can make use of it, consider sponsoring or donating to help fund the project.
There are currently 3 options for sponsoring:
There are currently 4 options for sponsoring:
1. [GitHub Sponsors](
1. [GitHub](
2. [Patreon](
3. [Ko-fi](
4. [PayPal](
@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ Funding developers is a way to contribute to open source projects you appreciate
It has so far been tested to work on Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, macOS and Windows.
**macOS releases are currently limited to sponsors. This is because macOS releases require a developer account, Apple hardware and maintaining all libraries strawberry depends on. If you are sponsoring strawberry, e-mail for access to downloads.**
**macOS releases are currently limited to sponsors. This is because Strawberry mainly has one contributor/developer and supporting macOS requires Apple hardware, building libraries Strawberry depends and a Apple developer account for signing releases. If you are sponsoring strawberry through Patreon, releases are available directly on Patreon, if you are sponsoring through GitHub, Ko-fi or Paypal, please e-mail for access to downloads.**
### :heavy_exclamation_mark: Requirements