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@ -7,6 +7,14 @@ Unreleased:
* Fixed crash when pressing CTRL + C (#1359).
* Pass on scroll events to page in settings to avoid changing settings when scrolling with mouse (#1380).
* Fixed misredered playlist search field with Wayland using scaling (#1255).
* Fixed Azlyrics lyrics provider because of website changes.
* Fixed Musixmatch lyrics provider because of website changes.
* Fixed application exiting when closing file dialog (#1401).
* Fixed playlist shuffle randomness (#707).
* Fixed playlist shuffle order always the same when restarting playback (#1381).
* Fixed dynamic random mix not always ignoring shuffle and repeat mode (#1366).
* Fixed manual shuffle while playing not setting current song to new index (##1353).
* (macOS/Windows) Fixed dash and hls streaming, plugins were missing.
@ -14,11 +22,15 @@ Unreleased:
* Allow enter to be used with multiselection to add songs to playlist (#1360)
* Add song progress to taskbar using D-Bus.
* Use API to receive Radio Paradise channels.
* Added letras lyrics provider.
* (Unix) Add experimental GStreamer pipewire support.
* (Windows) Add experimental exclusive mode for WASAPI.
* (Windows MSVC) Add ASIO support.
* (Windows MSVC) Add back WASAPI2.
Removed features:
* Removed now broken lyricsmode.com lyrics provider because of website changes.
Version 1.0.23 (2024.01.11):