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Otter for Funkwhale

Otter is a native Android music player for Funkwhale, native to both Android (developed in Kotlin) and to Funkwhale (uses its native API instead of Subsonic).

You can get help and discuss Otter on Matrix on

Otter graphic


A beta version of the app can be downloaded on Google Play, on IzzySoft (F-Droid-compatible repository) or through GitHub releases. Please bear with it, there will be bugs, there will be crashes and there will be performance or UX issues.

Otter's features, as of this writing, are the following:

  • Basic collection browsing (artists, albums and tracks)
  • Playlists listing
  • Favorites management (listing and add/remove)
  • Track search
  • Queue management
  • Caching of played tracks (played tracks work offline)
  • Download tracks for offline playback
  • Radios playback
  • Dark mode! 🎉

Otter will try to behave as you would expect a mobile music player to, meaning integrating with the OS's media controls (including headset controls) or pause on incoming calls. If there is anything you would like it to do, please open an issue.



Otter is being translated by the community through Weblate. If you would like to contribute to its localization or add a new language, you can help out there.

Thanks to the Funkwhale project for hosting us on their instance.